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People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions About Marriage

There are tons of opinions that people have on marriage that are pretty universal. Sometimes, people think that taking the good old fashion route when it comes to marriage and weddings are "right." But, there are those out there that have some more unpopular and controversial opinions on marriage and to be honest, some of them make a whole lot of sense when you think about it.

Live together first.

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Some people say that you shouldn't move in with someone until you're married.

But, one person said you shouldn't get married to someone UNLESS you've lived together first. In fact, they state that you never "really know someone" until you live with them.

You can have more than one soulmate.

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"I think you can have many soulmates in a lifetime. Some people are lucky enough to grow with their soulmates and stay married, but some outgrow the one they married and find another for that time in their life," one person shared.

People can't break up a marriage.

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Another shared that if a third party gets involved and "breaks up a marriage" it was never whole to begin with, therefore, saying there's no such thing as someone "breaking up a marriage."

They state that the marriage probably was incredibly flawed and people were just "blind" to it.

Big weddings are a total waste.

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"During a wedding, the couple is constantly running around trying to talk to all the guests and take pictures. I would rather spend that money on the honeymoon and spend that time with the person I love," one person commented.

Proposals should not be a complete surprise.

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One person shared that proposals and engagements should never be a surprise and "out of the blue."

In fact, they say that engagements and marriages should 100% be discussed prior to them actually happening.

Getting married before your mid-20s is a huge mistake.

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Someone pointed out that the brain doesn't stop developing before 25, and who you are can completely change and transform in your early 20s.

They claim if someone is "really the one" it'll wait until you're both fully all there.

Fathers shouldn't walk brides down the aisle.

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"It signifies her dad giving his permission for their marriage, which isn’t needed. It also implies that she was 'owned' by her dad, and now she is being given to her husband to be 'owned' by him," someone added.

You don't have to get married.

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One person stated that a relationship isn't any "less meaningful" if you don't get married.

They also said many feel pressured by friends and family to get married, even when sometimes they don't necessarily want to. Just don't do it if you truly don't want to.

Divorce should not be shunned.

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"Of course divorce isn't an ideal ending for a marriage, but an even worse solution is to stay in an unhappy or abusive relationship. I'm not saying divorce should be glorified, but it shouldn't be considered embarrassing or shameful," one person said.

Don't get married just for sexual chemistry.

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One user said that sexual chemistry will 100% fade over time.

The stress that comes with real life, problems, kids, and bills should be solved with "your best buddy," not just someone that you have great sex with. It makes life easier.

Women don't have to take a man's last name.

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"I think it's an old-fashioned custom, and I've always found it kind of creepy, even when I was a little kid. I have a few friends who combined their surnames after marriage that I get, but otherwise...not so much. Thankfully I married someone that agrees with me," shared one woman.

Prenups are totally fine and well.

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One person said the stigma around prenups is ridiculous and that it doesn't always mean you "don't trust" someone.

Instead, it's a way to protect everyone in some way and can be beneficial in the long run.

You should totally have separate friend groups.

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"You always see sitcoms where part of the 'gang' is a married couple, but that would drive me nuts. I like going to events with his friends and vice versa, but it would be way too much if we had the exact same friends," one person shared.

Marriage counseling is a solid investment, even for happy couples.

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People think that marriage counseling is just for struggling couples, but one person said they are a good investment for any couple.

Having the time to focus on each other's wants and needs without the weight of the world there is sometimes great.

Have separate bank accounts.

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"I’ve worked hard for my money, as has my partner, and it seems strange to combine our incomes. What if something happens? Now you've busted your a** to be successful and someone else gets half your savings?! Not for me," one person shared.

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