Marriage Quotes For When 'I Do' Has Turned Into 'Do I Have To'

Welcome to marriage.

Once the "I do's" have been said, you're left with a big, fat wedding bill and the oh, so lovely joys of marriage.

For some women, this includes men who spend forever on the toilet, men who snore super loudly, and men who have the food palette of a three-year-old.

If this sounds like your marriage, come feel less alone with these marriage quotes from fed-up wives.

"You can't hurt me. You're not a picture of me that my husband took."

Right?! While women go all-out when taking pictures of their husbands, what we get in return can be summed up with one word: unflattering.

When the noise is simply TOO MUCH for literally anyone to handle.

Noise-canceling headphones are a must in situations like this.

That, or body checking them in bed until they wake up. Either way works in my opinion.

"Really good football today so my husband is bringing in tvs from every room and putting them all over our den so now my house looks like a Buffalo Wild Wings."

Ah, men and their sports.

It's kind of like our love of The Bachelor, but we don't go around and project Chris Harrison's face everywhere!

For picky eaters:

The struggle this Twitter user is going through is so real! Expand the palate people, it'll definitely do you some good in life!

Some men basically have the food palette of a toddler.

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