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10+ Marriage And Wedding Objection Stories That Are Scarring

Most of what we know about wedding objections happens in movies.

There's always a dramatic race for the main character to stop the wedding before it's too late. Cue that fairytale ending of them running off with the bride or groom.

But believe it or not, objections exist in real life.

Here, people share the 10+ marriage and wedding objections that are truly scarring.

The child objection.

When one Redditor attended his older brother's wedding when he was five, he screamed "I object" despite not knowing what that meant.

Suffice to say, he was promptly seated afterward.

The missed cue objection.

"At my cousin’s wedding when the exchanging of vows took place, my aunt shouted 'Wasn’t there supposed to be a part where you could object?', or something along those lines." - Redditor leshiye. We need to know what happened next.

The theme wedding objection.

This one's actually pretty funny.

"A member of my wife's family had a pirate themed wedding. A rival pirate appeared and objected to the wedding. The groom dueled him with rapiers and won." - Redditor Mister_E_Phister

The worst best man objection.

This Redditor attended a wedding where the best man objected because he was in love with the bride and was sure she felt the same way.

She didn't. The bride and groom never spoke to him again.

The runaway groom objection.


"He just stood up there and started crying and, in front of everyone, told the bride that he'd fallen out of love with her a while before but he didn't know how to break it off. It was extremely uncomfortable." - Redditor naked_nun_run

The wedding crasher objection.

As beautiful as outdoor weddings are, you're exposing your special day to random strangers ruining your wedding.

That's what happened when this Redditor was floating down a river in his kayak and yelled out to the wedding.

The closet wedding objection.

Coming out is a huge moment in a person's life.

As such, there is a time and place for it. And during the middle of a wedding certainly isn't it! Yet, that's what this Redditor's friend did during their cousin's wedding.

The pre-wedding jitters objection.

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One person's dad was incredibly protective of his little girl. For two months leading up to the wedding, he asked her to object.

He did so again right before they were going to walk down the aisle together.

The worst MoH objection.

"Went to a co-workers wedding and the maid of honor objected and admitted to being the other woman and that the groom had been cheating with her for months. The bride left in tears and the groom immediately tried to get with the MoH." - Redditor saffronar

The rehearsal dinner objection.

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It's a good thing they practiced the wedding before the big day since one person's aunt clearly had a lot to say.

She said that the groom wasn't good enough for the bride and so on.

The father of the bride objection.

"Grooms dad interrupted the wedding to ask the bride’s father whether or not she was truly a virgin. Then he went on about how he didn’t know anything of the wedding and blah blah blah. Truly weird and embarrassing." - Redditor chickenbiscuit26

The accidental objection.

Nope, this doesn't just happen in the movies!

One Buzzfeed community member shared how they walked into a wedding venue thinking it was a train station right as the pastor asked if anyone objected...

The psychic child objection.

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"I was one year old when my mom married my stepdad. During the objection portion, I yelled, "STOP!" but no one listened. They divorced six years later. I told you, mom. I told you." - Redditor SirRoasts-A-Lot

The crying baby objection.

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You may want to think of this story when you're considering allowing babies at your wedding.

This Redditor wrote that a baby started crying after the pastor said, "speak now or forever hold your peace."

The grandmother objection.

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Since dear old gran favored the groom's ex, she made a big stink at his wedding, according to this person.

"The priest asked if the parents of the bride and groom approved and could bless the marriage. My grandmother straight up said, 'No.'"

The bad joke objection. .

Making light of a wedding objection is no joke, but one girl didn't see it that way when she giggled her way through it.

She was slapped by the groom's mother and hasn't been spoken to by her since.

The private objection objection.

Aunt knows best, apparently.

This person wrote that their aunt pulled them aside before their wedding to tell them they were making a big mistake. Couldn't they have mentioned this, ya know, months earlier?!

The bet objection.

When one Redditor's mom invited her ex to her wedding, the groom paid him to stand up and object as a joke.

Of course, this didn't go over well, nor did it start their life together off on the right foot.

The coughing objection.

"The bride’s sister made a small coughing noise and asked if she could speak to the two of them privately.

Turns out, the bride had a shopping addiction which put her $45,000 in debt, and she’d been hiding it from the groom." -theresar487aee9ad

The brother knows best objection.

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This person wrote "I was the maid of honor at a wedding where the brother of the bride pulled her aside and told her not to go through with it. They did anyway. Surprise twist? He was right! One year later, the bride was cheating on the groom with a married man."

The prank objection.

Buzzfeed Community member bast13137 said that when the priest asked her whether or not she took her partner to be her husband, she jokingly said "no."

Apparently, the bride found it hilarious. Unfortunately, the wedding guests (and the groom) were less enthused.

The cheating vow objection

This may just be the greatest objection to a marriage that has ever been. That poor groom, not that he didn't have it coming but that must have been so incredibly cringeworthy.

I probably still would have stayed for the reception, though.

The last stand objective.

Redditor CompetitiveIce8 said "The bride's ex objected and said he still loved her. They had become friends again after breaking up, and so far as anyone knew, his feelings for her were just platonic, especially given that he had broken up with her."

The divine objection

During an outdoor ceremony, a strong storm started to stir up. At the precise moment that the priest asked if anyone had any objections to the marriage, there came a loud clap of thunder.

Without missing a beat, the priest then said "anyone else?"

The other woman objection.

This groom had his mistress show up in the middle of the wedding ceremony — with his lovechild in hand!

According to Reddit user taradactyl819, the wedding ended with the groom trying to convince his friends and family members to be more open-minded.

The cow call objection.

"My wedding was at my grandmother's house out in the country next to a cattle farm. The cows hadn't made a peep until the objection line, when one finally let out a "Moo!" We had a laugh and then carried on." - Reddit u/sylvester49

The premarital sex objection.

This bride's family just so happened to be incredibly religious. During the ceremony, one of her cousins interrupted to announce that the couple had engaged in premarital sex. A number of family members got up and walked out.

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