Mom's Method For Serving Ice Cream Takes Lifehacks To A Weird New Level

There is one thing pretty much synonymous with summer, and that's ice cream. Am I right, peeps? But what happens when you have that late-night craving and the ice cream is hard as a rock? Ugh! Not that again!

What do you do in that situation? Do you patiently wait for it to melt a little before you scoop it, or do you just do this?

So how do you usually serve your ice cream?

Unsplash | American Heritage Chocolate

I like to scoop it out and put it in a bowl. But I don't like my ice cream super hard. Therefore, I leave it out for a few minutes to thaw out first.

However, if you're impatient, that might not exactly work for you.

I get that and so does this mom. She posted a so-called #MomHack on TikTok that seems to have divided folks. It involves her serving ice cream to her family in a totally new way.

Okay, listen up. Here's what she does.

She takes the ice cream package and removes the lid. Then, she grabs a knife and cuts around the edges. Now, your ice cream will slide right out of the carton. Wow!

She then proceeds to slice the ice cream just like bread, creating a perfect slice.

What!?!? OMG! I only have one question for myself, "Why haven't I thought of that?" Isn't that totally genius or what? I love this idea.

Here's how she serves the ice cream slice to her family of six.

Oh my goodness. I can honestly say I've never seen anybody do that. It's a first for me. I guess this beats waiting for your ice cream to melt a bit, ha, ha!

As much as I dig this concept, I don't know if I could be trusted like this with a sharp knife.

My fiancé would definitely have something to say about that. And people seem to either love or hate this idea.

Other people wondered, what do you do with the leftover slices?

At which point, this mom of six had to ask, "What extra ice cream?" Ha, ha! I'm sure in her family the whole ice cream box is gone in one sitting. Am I right?

Not everybody loved this ice cream hack.

Some folks chimed in with their suggestions. I have to admit, I would never have thought of putting ice cream in the microwave. Does that really work? Hmm, I'm not sure about that.

What's your take on this ice cream cutting hack?

Would you totally do this, or is this some kind of sacrilege to you? Ha, ha? I do like the idea, but it's way too much ice cream for just two people. So, I'll save this hack for when the whole family comes over.