Use Ice Cream Cones To Easily Make Adorable Gnome Cupcakes

I have to be honest with you, it's been a while since I had a cupcake. It's funny because I used to eat them all the time. Needless to say, cupcakes are one of my favorite treats.

But only recently, I stumbled upon a different idea to decorate cupcakes. Once you see it, you will probably never look at a cupcake the same again.

There are a variety of ways you can decorate cupcakes.

Unsplash | Daniel Klein

Some people love to use icing. Ah, that's my favorite part of a cupcake, after all. However, others like to decorate them with fondant and all sorts of edible fun decorations.

It is all fine and dandy with me.

Unsplash | Mae Mu

But there is one idea I saw recently that puts a different spin on cupcake decoration. Did you know that people are using ice cream cones to make cute little gnome cupcakes?

Oh my goodness, how adorable is that, huh?

I have to admit, I've never seen a cupcake quite like this before. Have you? This is such a great idea. I love how creative this looks. I would never have thought of making gnome cupcakes.

These little gnomes look like they're ready to party on St. Paddy's day, ha, ha.

I should have thought of this idea when it was that time. I could have made some for all my family to enjoy on this festive day.

Rollin' with the gnomies, lol.

If this isn't how you do it, I don't know what is, indeed. I love that this person used colorful ice cream cones to decorate these fun guys here. This idea adds another layer of festivity, no?

OMG, talk about an extreme close-up, huh?

Looking at these cupcakes is giving me such a hankering now. If I don't get my hands on some cupcakes ASAP, I'm going to be pretty grumpy for the rest of the day. So beware, everybody, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen, gardening season is upon us.

So what's a better way to get in the mood than to make these gnome cupcakes? I honestly can't think of anything else that would be yummier than these? Get them in my belly, now, hehe.

If someone brought this box to me, I wouldn't be mad at all.

In fact, it would be an awesome distraction while I do my work. I wonder how many of these it would take to finish everything early? Ha, ha!

Who's up for making some delicious cupcakes with a gnome spin on them?

I sure am. I think this would be such a fun idea for a birthday party or any other occasion where sweets are needed. I'm definitely on board with this yummy concept.