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People Are Sharing Wedding Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

First comes love, then comes the stress of a wedding.

There are checklists to make, guests to invite, caterers to be booked, and so much more. No wonder some people turn into bridezillas!

Thankfully, there are plenty of hacks that will make your special day all the more special!

These will help you save money AND save on stress.

Don't include the word "wedding" in your online research.

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You know how googling flight prices can actually increase the prices? It's the same thing with weddings — people bump up their prices as soon as that word is mentioned.

DIY your own wedding dress.

Bought your dress, but it's still not perfect?

Instead of charging someone for fixes, see what you can do yourself. That's what this one bride did when they wanted a black wedding dress.

Aim for a smaller guest list.

While it sucks to leave people out, doing so will save you a ton of money.

One thing you and your partner can do is decide that categories of guests, such as very distant relatives or co-workers, are not invited.

Have a checklist.

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Freshly engaged and don't know where to start? Look up free cheat cheats online.

They come with a timeline that lets you know what you should have done "x months before your wedding."

Avoid a Saturday wedding.

You pay a premium to snag a Saturday wedding (it's the most common wedding day of the week).

So to avoid that surge costs, aim for a Friday wedding. It still has that Saturday feel without the high cost.

Hire a wedding planner.

They're not just for the movies — or the rich.

You can find a wedding planner that fits your budget if you look around enough. This may cost more, but it saves you the stress of planning a wedding.

Have your DJ record their set.

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Imagine being able to listen to the songs your DJ played and the roar of the crowd from your wedding night for years to come.

To have that memory forever, ask your DJ to record their set or record it yourself.

Ask your florist for the name of the flowers in your spouse's bouquet.

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The flowers at your wedding will eventually die, but your romance doesn't have to.

By asking your florist for the flower names, you can give your spouse those same flowers for your wedding anniversaries for years to come.

Have your photographer take an empty picture of your wedding background.

While it's awkward to think about it now, you might eventually have a falling out with one of your wedding guests.

Save your wedding photos by having an empty canvas that you can photoshop people onto.

Tell your DJ not to pass the mic to anyone.

Remember that awful drunk speech by the groom's brother in The Wedding Singer? Yeah, avoid that awkwardness by making it a "no drunk speech zone" at your wedding.

Consider an off-season wedding.

If Bride Wars taught us anything, it's that a summer wedding is in high demand. This means that you can save money by having your wedding during the off-season, such as January, February, or March.

Don't tell your vendors that you're renting items for a wedding.

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Just like a wedding search online costs you more, so do rentals for weddings.

So keep things hush-hush when picking up the tents, chairs, and so on.

Choose seasonal food and flowers.

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Save big bucks by purchasing seasonal flowers.

For instance, gardenias will cost less flower-wise during the summer, as will orchids. The same goes for seasonal foods, so work closely with your carterer.

Make a wedding-only email account.

This is so you can communicate with vendors without the hassle of receiving wedding emails to your main email.

This will also help make things so much more organized.

Consider buying secondhand items for your wedding.

If you think about it, a lot of the items you buy new will be used for one day.

So cut the bill in half by buying secondhand decorations or even a secondhand wedding dress.

Consider having your reception at a restaurant.

Since they already have chairs, tables, and place settings, you will save a lot of money on renting those items.

You can also pretty much guarantee that the food will be great!

Choose a wedding dress and shoes you can dance in.

You won't be able to dance the night away in nine-inch heels or a stiff dress.

So either bring along a backup pair of shoes and a dress or aim for functionality in the first place.

DIY your own decorations.

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Flowers and table settings are a great way to add elegance to your wedding. Unfortunately, they also increase the cost... a lot.

So if you're handy, make some of your own decorations. You'll save a ton of money and have fun making them.

Give everyone an extra hour to arrive to your destination wedding.

Since everyone will be in a different country, there's a good chance that some people will get lost.

By giving them an extra hour, you're giving people wiggle room to arrive on time.

Don't be afraid to step away from wedding cakes.

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Consider having a gorgeous cupcake moment so everyone gets their own, or a dessert table instead of any kind of cake so people have choice at their fingertips!

Speaking of cakes, if you're having a summer wedding stay away from anything that will melt.

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Especially if you're outside.

So either opt for something else, or maybe consider an indoor venue if you really want a cake that might melt.

Try not to split up

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And no, we're not talking about divorce.

During the reception, as much as possible when you're doing the round to say high to the guests, stick with your partner so you can share the same memories.

Take those table pics

When you're making the rounds, make sure you grab a photo with every table that way you essentially have a photo with everyone at your wedding!

Make sure the food is always rolling

Opt for the midnight buffet, seriously.

People love weddings for more than just love and joy. THEY WANT TO EAT.

So if there's always food, your guests will always be happy.

Sell your stuff after the wedding

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You won't need it ever again (hopefully). So you can sell it online to other brides who are looking to save some cash and shop second-hand themselves.

Pass on the kindness.

Ask for help

When you're opening gifts, have someone take notes of who gave you what that way you can keep track of all the thank you cards that you have to write!

Wait before going on your honeymoon

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Don't hop on that plane right away.

Take a day, decompress, put your stuff away, and take a nap. You'll be well-rested for the day after when you get on that plane and fly away.

Make sure to stay hydrated!

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We know that eating sometimes happens, and sometimes doesn't on the big day. But at least make sure you're hydrated.

And no, not with champagne. With water.

Keep emergency safety pins on hand.

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Unfortunately, you never know what can go wrong, and this includes with your dress.

But keeping some safety pins or a needle and some thread on hand will make your life easier.

Have a makeup test!

Don't wait until the big day for you to get your makeup and hair done.

Do a trial run. It's the best way for you to make sure you'll be looking your best for the big day.

Don't feel like you have to say yes to absolutely everything!

You're the one getting married. If you don't like something: SAY NO.

It's the happiest day of your life, so do what will make you happy and what will make your day perfect.

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