10+ Brilliant Ikea Hacks For Kitchens That Are Short On Space

While kitchens can be a solace for those who love to cook, they can also be a bit suffocating if there's not enough room. Storage is tricky when it comes to tiny kitchens, and sometimes it's hard to feel at home with your kitchen supplies are literally all over the place. Fortunately, we've gathered some brilliant Ikea furniture hacks that are all ready to come to the rescue.

DIY KALLAX Ikea Countertop

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Many small kitchens are tragically lacking counter space, which causes major delays during the food prep process. Fortunately, Ikea's KALLAX countertop with bed feet is a great solution to add more storage space to your lil' kitchen. You can even hack it to add a countertop or cutting board surface.


These carts aren't just charmingly adorable, they also create more storage room for those without pantries and with limited counter space. They cost around $30 at Ikea.

BEKVAM Stepstool

While these may be stepstools, they also work as excellent space-saving seats for those that can't fit full-sized chairs into their small kitchen. Other people also use them as shelves in pantries, or to hold decorative accents.

SEKTION High Cabinets

Some little kitchens need big storage options, and Ikea's got one ready for us. This high cabinet storage is basically a portable pantry that works well for those with a tall space in the kitchen in desperate need of some compact storage. These tall glasses of water cost around $250 from Ikea.


Nothing screams Summer quite like your own veggie plants. Especially, ones that can hang out in the kitchen without taking up much room and look pretty elegant. These sleek looking hanging farm stands cost around $18 on Ikea.

SUNNERESTA Floating Shelves

We can't resist the convenience of a quality floating shelf, especially with easy assembly like this one. As usual, Ikea has us covered with what we need to have all of your kitchen supplies stored gracefully and readily available when we need them. These little shelves cost around $2 each.


There's no beating a reusable storage source that can fit cozily inside a large drawer away from our guest's eyes but close enough to store our recyclables or whatever we want to put in them. They cost around $6 per bin and each one comes with a tightly sealed lid.

PEXIO Stainless Steel Gourmet Kitchen Wall Rail

For those of us that love having lots of pots and pans but hate having to smoosh them into small cabinets together, we've found a lifesaver. These Ikea wall rails are perfect for hanging our pots out to dry and leaving them there. They look cool and allow for us to grab them and get to cooking without the stress of locating storage room.

The FINTORP Utensil Holder

We love these because you can add utensils, fruit, flowers or whatever else you want to these lovely holders and they will free up so much room for whichever space you need to clear out.

The Decorative Holders

These are technically wine holders, which is great. That being said, many people use the VURM holder to hold all sorts of kitchen essentials.

They also make for some pretty spicy herb holders when you plant your favorite herbs in a small container and then hang them up with these beauties, virtually no space is taken up. Plus, you're got easily accessible herbs.


Speaking of spices, we've discovered these handy dandy Ikea spice jars that can store spices or whatever your small container storage needs may be.

KALLAX Shelf Unit

These shelves are ideal to add to any kitchen space, as they instantly add a ton of storage. They can be installed as floating shelves or set against the wall. Whether it's storing some cookbooks or stacking a few bowls, these shelf units may be the way to go.

Let us know what you think of these Ikea hacks for tiny kitchens in the comments and if you plan to try any or all of them.