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Couple Hides Money In Essential Baby Products At Target To Help Struggling Parents

Being a new parent can be utterly terrifying at times. With so much uncertainty in the world, it can be hard for struggling parents to keep their heads above water.

This difficult truth is what compelled mother and business owner @krystalduhaney to give back. She and her husband decided the best way to do so was to hide money in essential baby products.

We all know that raising children isn't cheap.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

According to statistics from the National Bank of Canada, the average cost of raising a child, from birth to the age of majority, is roughly $250,000.

And in the wake of COVID-19, many parents are now struggling with how they're going to be able to afford their kids.

Being a mother herself, Krystal Duhaney came up with an idea to lend a hand.

She and her husband spent the day driving around to different department stores in order to hide money inside essential baby items like diapers and baby formula.

Krystal says that she knows first-hand what it's like to struggle as a new mother.

"Being a parent can be tough! Before I founded @milkymamallc, we often struggled to make ends meet,"

Krystal goes on to explain how now that she's a successful business owner, she was eager to help out parents in a similar situation.

"We hope that the parents that purchase these items have a brighter day when they find our gifts" Krystal goes on to say.

She also encourages all mothers to follow @krystalduhaney so that they can be informed as to when the next Target money drop will be!

Do you know a young mother or father who could benefit from Krystal's generosity? Leave a comment and let us know!