Selma Blair Stuns Fans With Ballet About Her M.S. Battle

Selma Blair is a warrior.

Ever since she was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological condition M.S., she's shared the highs and lows.

She's fought her battle with the condition with grit, determination, and grace. Doing so helped her move into remission last year.

To celebrate her accomplishments and to mark World M.S. Day, she recently showed off her impressive ballet moves in a video.

In order to raise awareness to M.S., the *Legally Blonde* actress took over the MS Association of America's Instagram on Sunday.

There, she interacted with fans and shared her story on the condition, including how resources from MSAA help.

On her own page, she shared how she's reclaiming her life — one movement at a time.

One graceful movement at a time, we should say, since she shared a video of herself in a turtleneck sweater and green shorts performing "The Dying Swan" from Swan Lake.

The impressive dance was a huge reminder of the strides she's made with her condition.

When she had her first warning sign of the condition, she shared with Town & Country that she was walking down the runway at New York Fashion Week when her left leg suddenly went numb.

Now look at her!

Fans and celeb pals alike loved her dance.

"Oh beautiful.. I love this SO much!!! Your strength is remarkable in every way!!!" one fan wrote. "Beautiful dancer," added Will & Grace actress, Debra Messing.