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You Can Get A 'Snoring Swatter' That's Here To Swiftly Silence Your Noisy Bedmate

Do you share your bed with a snorer? It's truly the worst, isn't it? And no matter how many mid-night aggressive tosses and turns you make to "accidentally" get them to stop snoring, nothing tames those snores.

Snoring is terribly disruptive, but there are ways to tamper it.

Research has shown that in those whose BMI is over 30, losing weight can help stifle snoring.

But here's the kicker: it's because it will also help them lose weight in their tongue.

“Most experts have not typically focused on fat in the tongue. We now know it is a major factor,” Dr. Richard Swab, a professor of medicine at the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, told The Sun.

Losing weight can take some time, though.

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Say, for example, your partner needs to lose 20 pounds. That could take anywhere from 10 to 20 weeks, or longer, to achieve.

Companies have been peddling anti-snoring products for decades.

Breathe Right

The most popular are the Breathe Right Nasal Strips, which I can fully attest, do not work even a little bit. Or at least they didn't work for my husband.

There are also any number of gizmos that are meant to be shoved up your nose or strapped around your face.


Oh, Amazon.

And, of course, if sleep apnea is the cause of the snoring, there's the CPAP machine.

Although I would have reservations about sharing my bed with someone who resembles Bane.

For an easier fix, however, you can use the 'Snoring Swatter.'

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Now you can get your revenge on that Snorlax sleeping next to you!

It looks exactly as it was intended to be used.

It's a fist-shaped device with a handle just long enough so that you can gently (or not so gently) nudge your bedmate.

Unfortunately, there are still no guarantees of a good night's rest.

Unsplash | Vladislav Muslakov

You will undoubtedly still be roused by those snores, but you'll probably enjoy using this until the offending snorer stops.