Marriage Quotes For When We Just Need To Laugh About Our Own

Like so many other things in life, marriage has its pros and cons, and sometimes both those pros and cons are pretty darn hilarious, too.

Whether they hit super close to home or sound completely absurd, there are too many things to laugh about when it comes to our own personal marriage journeys.

We've compiled some quotes for those who need a good laugh when it comes to their marriage and all of the big and small things that make it uniquely humorous.

This one reflects the things we never thought would be actual factors to consider about married life.

When it comes to wedding vows, most people tend to think of things like loving each other forever and maybe promising to provide for one another.

However, some of us forgot to cover the really important stuff, like never eating each other's favorite cereal.

This is for the married couples who double as private investigators for each other.

True marriage isn't when the "I do" thing happens, it's when you go on long arduous missions for each other to find where anything and everything misplaced is on a daily basis.

Here's one for the unexpected baggage in every marriage.

Most people have emotional baggage that may come up during even the happiest of marriages. However, not enough people talk about the literal baggage and when he has a shoe collection or she has a T-shirt obsession.

Who knew the closet would become a warzone?

Finally, this is one for when your spouse is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While it can be like a ray of sunshine to see your spouse, it's not all roses and dandelions when they're randomly hovering over the spot you need to get to. It's almost like they time it perfectly on purpose just to push your buttons.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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