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Adam Sandler Casually Joins Pickup Basketball Game In Viral Video

Adam Sandler is kind of like a rare animal in the wild: he pops up out of nowhere.

Like the time he showed up at an IHOP randomly, but was turned away since the hostess didn't recognize him.

Thankfully, Sadler's latest viral video is a lot cooler. In it, he casually joins a pickup basketball game and shows off his impressive skills.

Adam Sandler has long been a fan of basketball.

He's a devoted Knicks fan and has even dabbled in the sport himself over the years.

Maybe this is why he's always dressed in those basketball shorts and long t-shirts?

He even joins pickup games from time to time.

This is something he's been doing recently, as evident by these videos shared by Front Office Sports reporter Anthony Puccio.

He tweeted out two videos that were sent to him by a friend.

It shows the *Grownups* actor "hoopin' on Long Island."

"He's out here playing pick up everyday," Puccio said of Sandler.

The actor's skills are pretty impressive, as the video shows him in control of the ball as he dribbles it down the court.

In this video, he shows off more skills by doing some defensive actions to prevent his opponent from grabbing the ball.

He was even almost an assist in a point when the person he passed the ball to almost got it in the net.

What do you think of a rare Adam Sandler being caught in the wild playing basketball?