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Exclusive Photos Show New Texts in Jussie Smollett Case

TMZ has obtained exclusive documents showcasing text messages sent and received by Jussie Smollett around the time of the alleged attack in January. TMZ's sources claim that the texts lend legitimacy to Smollett's case.

Prior to this case, Smollett was most well-known for his acting work on 'Empire.'

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In January, Smollett reported a politically charged attack against him that occurred outside his apartment in Chicago. He sustained minor injuries.

However, when the attackers were revealed to have been extras on Empire, Smollett was accused of arranging the attack himself and was charged with filing a false police report.

The charges were dropped shortly after Smollett turned himself in.

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The actor's defense team and prosecutors dropped the charges on the condition that Smollett perform 16 hours of community service and forfeit his $10, 000 bond.

TMZ has obtained exclusive documents showing text exchanges between Smollett and one of the attackers.


Sources tell TMZ that the texts that were alleged proof that the attack was orchestrated by Smollett were actually referencing Smollett wanting the attacker to acquire illegal herbal supplements. TMZ's sources claim that shortly after receiving the text, the attacker googled "banned supplements" and "steroids" on his phone.

TMZ also obtained a text between the attacker and Smollett that references the attack.


The message, received shortly after the news broke surrounding the attack, reads, "Bruh say it ain't true. I'm praying for a speedy recovery. [expletive]'s wild." Sources have told TMZ that this message is proof that the attack was real and not pre-orchestrated by Smollett.

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