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10+ Struggles All Women With Long Nails Will Relate To

I always admire ladies who can wear long nails because they look so fabulous. But they also seem to perhaps be a little bit challenging, especially when it comes to performing some otherwise easy daily tasks.

So if you're one of those fearsome women with long nails you will definitely appreciate these relatable struggles.

1. Speaking of daily routines that all humans do, this one especially comes to mind.

I just don't know how girls with long nails get around this one? Thoughts?

2. I find this is such useful advice.

I mean why waste time trying to press a button when you can get your knuckle to do it instead.

3. This must be so frustrating when you get thirsty.

I mean, there's absolutely no way of getting this open without ruining your nails. Oh, the struggle is real!

4. This has happened to me even though I don't have nails as long as these, so I feel your pain.

Twitter | @mortalemlucra

What a total waste of product. Yikes!

5. And here's another reason I try to keep my nails under control.

I just wouldn't want anyone to find any nail cuttings in their salad. LOL! Gross...

6. I can't imagine how this might feel when you suddenly need cash but can't insert your card into the ATM because of long-ass nails.


First world problems.

7. If you're a contact lens wearer then I'm sorry to tell you but you might need to resort to wearing glasses unless you want to risk this situation.


Ahhh! This is terrifying!

8. Even the most simple tasks can now be a thing of the past.

YouTube | beautynails78

You might have to relearn how to write with an actual pen again. Oh gosh!

9. And there's something to be said about hygiene.

I can't imagine what kind of gross stuff can be hiding under those nails. Check it out at your own peril.

10. We all know cleaning is such a chore but it's so much harder when you can't even wear those gloves properly.

There's gotta be a solution for this problem.

11. Seriously, gloves are no match for long nails.

Instagram | @nails_by_ste

I hope this person isn't a dentist or a doctor. Maybe that's why they tend to keep their nails on the short side.

12. How you know it's time to get your nails done.

Instagram | @ladyboss_nailbar

When your nails start collecting hairs just like a comb, then you know it's time to go for a nail appointment. Ewww...

13. When you scratch your brand new makeup palette.

Instagram | @loc.d_e_v_a

This is a real tragedy. Even if you love having long nails, you might consider cutting them off after doing something like this to your Fenty Beauty palette.

Wow, who knew struggling for beauty can be this hard.

Some things are totally worth the pain while others may be just overdoing it. It's okay, I'm not judging.