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20 People Who Tried DIY Beauty, And Oh God No

I envy those who can afford expensive beauty products and weekly trips to the spa.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case for many of us that live on a budget. So it's completely understandable when people take matters into their own hands and try their luck at beauty DIYs.

But before you jump into this game just make sure you don't make the mistakes those poor souls did.

1. This is a poor attempt of recreating that pore cleansing facial mask.

Twitter | @PaulalaAsher

But seriously if anyone actually thought this would work, they have some serious issues going on.

2. Somebody clearly wasn't paying enough attention during that blending YouTube tutorial because this isn't how you make a rainbow highlighter at all.

Twitter | @mylovemuke

Just look at that mess.

3. Those fake eyelashes can get so expensive so I totally don't blame these two for finding another way to do this.

Twitter | @jeanaeresemarie

And it's recyclable and therefore more environmentally-friendly.

4. This is what happens when DIY beauty strikes back.

Twitter | @sometimesnike

Perhaps this will teach you a valuable lesson next time you try making that DIY turmeric face mask.

5. Some people really go through extremes to revive that old, dried-up makeup like this mascara that ended up exploding in the microwave.

Twitter | @Tally_Knopp

Soak it in hot water instead.

6. This just proves that not all the advice you got online is always golden.

Twitter | @VTT_torii

This person clearly overcooked their Beauty Blender. Give it up. It's dead now.

7. Speaking of Beauty Blenders...

Twitter | @okneverok

I know they can get pretty expensive but somehow I don't think using a marshmallow to do your makeup really does the trick. Eat it!

8. And if you're jumping on the next bandwagon of ridiculous beauty regimens this one is right up your alley.

Twitter | @cielitiooooo

Just use toilet paper as a face mask. Um, what?

9. But toilet paper can be so messy, right?

Twitter | @LiconTracee

So maybe using that sheet of Bounty is a better idea? No? Why not? Don't question it, just do it.

10. I recently learned that there is special technology used to create the famous Beauty Blender and you can't just use any plain ole' sponge.

Twitter | @JordanAlexis211

She must've not realized it.

11. Don't be surprised if one of your tools goes missing all of a sudden because when ladies are desperate, they'll find anything to blend that foundation on.

Twitter | @McKennaCaitlyn

Even this.

12. Trying to be frugal AF?

Twitter | @NewbieTo

Why not give this DIY makeup brush cleaner mat a royal treatment with some glue sticks and that glue gun. This should work.

13. There's nothing more relaxing like having some chilled cucumber on those tired eyelids, am I right?

Twitter | @ClaireSmeltzer

But then again, why not just use the whole thing instead?

14. I'm so relieved this didn't happen when I trimmed the back of my fiancé's hair because I wouldn't look forward to that pissed off look in the mirror.

Twitter | @edenmcf

Yikes. Go to a barber next time.

15. This better be some stupid Instagram picture idea because this look isn't going to take off any time soon.

Twitter | @noitskatelyn

I guarantee it. But eat those strawberries at least.

16. If you had a dime for every time someone recommended a stupid beauty trick on Twitter, you wouldn't end up with cat litter on your face.

Twitter | @wideeyed1618

Or would you?

17. Whoever gave you this brilliant idea of using Kool-Aid to create a lip stain must've forgotten to warn you that this versatile product will also stain your teeth.



18. Why would you take time out of your busy life to remove that chipped nail polish?

Twitter | @GraceGarramone

When a permanent marker will do the trick, right?! No, it won't This is so grade school.

19. Why would anyone put their makeup palette in the oven is beyond me.

Instagram | @kalognomos

Apparently, some do this to remove shadow pots. Obviously, it wasn't such a brilliant idea.

20. Here's to all the ridiculous beauty trends that we got suckered into trying only to find out they work out much worse than they actually looked online.

Imgur | thewetnoodlepics

I have no idea what's going on here.