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These Nails Look Just Like Teeth And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to nail art, along comes a design that is so weird and horrifying that it will make you do a double-take.

Thanks to the Instagram account Nail Sunny, there is another new and terrifying manicure out there and this might be my least favorite yet.

Even though these nails are really scary, you might be interested to know that a lot of work goes into them.

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Each nail is sculpted out of acrylic and even though I am not a fan, I've gotta give them props for their skills.

Here's one nail, er, tooth (nail?), beginning to take shape.

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Honestly, if I didn't know these were fake, I would be even more freaked out than I already am. This looks exactly like a tooth.

And here's the final product.

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Ugh, no, no, no.

I am so uncomfortable looking at these. They look real enough to bite into a carrot. Okay, let's move on.

Now, most people have this reaction when they see this manicure.

I am one of those people.

A manicure that looks like teeth never even crossed my mind as a possibility, and now that I've seen one, I'm good with never looking at these again.

Most people online shared my reaction.

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Nail Sunny's video has nearly half a million views on Instagram and a ton of comments since it was first posted. By now, I guess we should just expect weird manicures from them.

However, these toothy nails do have some fans.

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As I said, these are nightmare-fuel, but you can't deny that a lot of skill went into making them. Hey, if you like them, you like them.

Let's take one more look at these pearly whites.

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Hmmm, well... no, no I can't.

I tried to give them a fair chance and I just can't. I think I'd rather have those ramen noodle nails. At least those double as a snack.

So it's a no from me (and the internet).

Yeah, I really can't get behind these, but one terrifying set of nails is another's inspiration for their next manicure.

What do you think? Will these teeth be a part of your next mani?

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