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Believe It Or Not, You Can Get Custom Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog

Some people are less wild about the term "dog parent" than others, but if there's one thing parents like to do, it's brag about their kids. So while the "parents" of animals may not focus their love on the same species, they have similar ways of doing it.

So when a company comes up with the idea of making custom slippers that look just like your pets, it wasn't hard to see who they were hoping to attract.

The company, known as Cuddle Clones, seems to take their name seriously because the resemblance between pet and slipper is very close.

Instagram | @audreythebulldog

How it seems to work is that you send in a picture of the pet you want them to "clone" and then you get these life-like wearable replicas in return.

Of course, that's not all you need to send in to get your own cuddle clone.

Cuddle Clone

Obviously, something with this much effort and attention to detail put into does cost money. In this case, a pair of Cuddle Clones slippers will set you back about $200.

For an extra $39, buyers who can't wait for cuddly slippers will get their product in six weeks. Otherwise, delivery should take about eight weeks.

In addition to resembling a beloved pet, the slippers are also supposed to be incredibly soft and comfortable.

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And although the price tag on these slippers is a little high, Cuddle Clones promotes them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if they don't actually look like your fur baby, you get your money back.

Any cat owners who want in on the fun need not worry. Although I've shown a bunch of dogs so far, cat slippers are definitely a thing too.

Instagram | @mycatkyle

As proof, just look at Kyle here and his two plush buddies.

As we've seen with certain Instagram posts from satisfied customers, Cuddle Clones lets you mix and match pets as well.

Instagram | @misfitmick

If you've got two dogs and you don't like to play favorites, you can apparently get a mismatched pair that incorporates each one.

But before they got into the slipper game, Cuddle Clones immortalized pets with custom stuffed animals.

Instagram | @dancenekkid

As their website said, these clones are intended to keep that bond between pet and owner alive even if the two are separated by travel, a move to college, or military deployment.

And yes, they are supposed to make things a little easier if somebody loses a valued pet.

Instagram | @ella_gray14

At least, that's what inspired this Guinea pig owner to get one after Cookies here died. Every little thing helps, right?

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