10+ 'Love Is Blind' Behind The Scenes Secrets Fans Don't Know

Netflix's latest reality sensation, Love Is Blind, was probably the worst thing I've ever watched, and yet, I couldn't stop watching.

It made me cringe more than anything else ever has, but I still tuned in to every episode.

That being said, here are some BTS secrets from the show that you'll initially be fascinated by, and then probably wish you never learned.

Listen, I'm not going to lie to you guys. "Love Is Blind" was the most cringe thing I've ever seen.

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And to be clear, I've seen a lot of reality TV. Too much, really.

But this... This was something else.

It was a nightmare that I couldn't, and didn't want to wake up from.

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Well-aware that I would have a physical and emotional reaction to every episode, I continued to watch and will continue to watch every episode in every season to come.

Every time Jessica said "I'm 10 years older" than Mark, I wanted to rip my TV off of the wall and throw it out the window.

When Cameron rapped for Lauren's mom the first time he met her, I screamed into my pillow.

I could list a million more things that rattled me about the show, but I'll spare you having to relive it all. Let's just dive into the reason we're all here.

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Here's all the piping hot BTS tea that fans don't know!

1. Season two is happening.

In an interview with Metro UK, the creator of the show hinted that season two will be happening.

"We’re certainly talking about [season two]," he said. "I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing people put to the test of whether love is blind well into the future."

2. Giannina and Damian got back together.

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After their dramatic ending on the show, it's hard to imagine that these two managed to get back together. But they did!

Super-fans tracked down photos of them together in the last few months, and Giannina was even spotted wearing her engagement ring again.

3. Jessica tried to leave the show before the wedding.

Jessica revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she attempted to leave the show before it ended.

"I mean, I had to stay. I definitely had a conversation about leaving and I wasn’t able to do that. My dog got sick too, and almost died during the show," (maybe because she lets her dog drink wine?) she said. "I had so much other stuff going on."

4. Mark has no hard feelings towards Jessica (even though he probably should).

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Even though Jessica only picked Mark because Barnett turned her down, Mark has no hard feelings toward her.

"Why hate someone when everyone figures things out differently?," he told TMZ. "I got nothing but love for [Jessica] because I became a better man post this entire experience... I'm a better man for it."

5. Eight couples got engaged.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the creator of the show, Chris Coelen, revealed that two more couples that were never shown also got engaged in the pods.

Unfortunately, Diamond and Carlton, took one of those spots.

6. Barnett matched with one of the women on a dating app, prior to the show.

He revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he had matched with one of the women on a dating app, long before going on the show.

He wouldn't say who, but Cameron later spilled that it was Gigi.

7. Lauren & Cameron are starting a family soon.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when asked whether or not she and Cameron have any plans to have children, Lauren said: "Maybe by this time next year, you know?"

"My paternal instinct is kicking in," Cameron chimed in.

8. Carleton wants to get back together with Diamond.

After the show, Carleton and Diamond were able to hash things out and become friends. But Carleton is hoping that it becomes something more.

"Carlton and I were able to establish a friendship after the show," Diamond told Entertainment Weekly.

Carleton added that he's "trying to take [Diamond] on a date ... The answer is no right now."

9. Amber and Barnett are planning another wedding.

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"I still want to do the bridal showers and the bachelorette parties—all the traditional Southern stuff that we skipped over and rushed through," Amber told Oprah Magazine.

10. The show was filmed in 2018.

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While Love Is Blind is the most recent reality show to be added to Netflix since The Circle, it was actually filmed long before — meaning, a lot has gone down between the couples since then.

11. The cast was asked not to make their final decisions until they got down the aisle.

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I thought it was incredibly cruel that some of the couples waited until they were standing at the altar in front of their friends and families only to not say "I do".

But apparently, that is what the show instructed them to do.