'Sister Wives' Paedon Brown Confirms Abuse Rumors About Meri Brown

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Sister Wives star Paedon Brown dropped a shocking bomb last week when he seemingly accused his father's first wife, Meri, of abuse. Paedon alluded that he and his siblings never felt safe in their stepmother's company.

Who Is Paedon Brown?

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Paedon Brown is the only son of TV stars Kody and Christine Brown, famous for their show Sister Wives. It premiered on TLC in 2010 and documented the lifestyle of Kody, a polygamist married to four women, Meri (the first), Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

What's 'Sister Wives' About

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When the season premiered, Kody was officially married to Robyn and divorced from Meri while he co-habited with the other two women. According to Paedon, his son with Christine, Robyn, was Kody's favorite, and he made several life-changing decisions to please her.

Meri Was 'Abrasive And Mean'

Paedon, now 24 years old, revealed during an interview with John Yeats last week that his siblings and his relationship with Meri were tense growing up. They didn't feel welcomed in her presence, and calling Meri "abrasive and kind of mean" wouldn't do their experience justice.

The Siblings Agree

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Paedon added that Meri, 51, was verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive to the children. All six siblings (including Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely) became numb to her verbal assaults.

Meri And Maddie Brown's Twitter Feud

The 24-year-old highlighted the 2019 Twitter feud between Meri and his half-sister, Maddie, as proof of her horrible behaviors. Maddie called "a family member," whom many speculated was Meri since she replied a monster and abusive human.

She's since deleted the tweets, but the internet never forgets.

Meri Skipped Maddie's Birthing Day

Following their heated exchange on Twitter, Meri skipped Maddie's birth and became the only Sister Wife absent that day. Meri didn't think she was wrong because her relationship with the parents (Maddie and Caleb) wasn't strong enough to warrant her presence.

Paedon Didn't Mince Words

Unlike Maddie who equivocated, Paedon was clear when he said,

"I can reiterate what Madison said about Meri. No, we were never safe around her."

When asked whether Kody knew his children felt that way, Paedon recalled that Robyn's influence helped him see the light.

Robyn 'Maybe' Saved Their Lives

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Since Robyn cared for the children and "protected" them from Meri, Paedon says he'll never hate the 43-year-old. Robyn used her past experience with abuse to highlight the signs and relate them to Kody.

Mixed Feelings For His Father

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Paedon also had good words for his father, saying Kody did his best until he was in his early teens. Then he also became unsafe to be around.