The Holiday Season Is Here! Mariah Carey Announces Special 'Merry Christmas To All' Concerts

Rae Batchelor
Mariah Carey posed with Santa Claus.
instagram | @mariahcarey

Okay, okay. Maybe October is a little bit early to get excited about Christmas. I'm not usually one of those people itching to get the tree up or to climb onto my roof to hang the lights before mid-to-late November.

But when the Queen of Christmas herself is telling us to start getting into the holiday spirit, well, who am I to argue with her? Sleigh bells ring and I am DEFINITELY listening.

There are a lot of signs that Christmas is on its way, but one of the brightest is always when Mariah pops back up on the charts.

Mariah Carey sitting in a giant wreath.
Giphy | Pretty Dudes

Obviously, her regular, non-holiday music is also incredible, but there's a reason she's called the Queen of Christmas. Whether it's the classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' or any of the other hits off of her two Christmas albums (those notes she hits in 'O Holy Night' anyone?!), Mariah pretty much owns Christmas music.

That's why when she announced two 'Merry Christmas To All' Concerts this year, fans were pumped.

"It's almost time NEW YORK + TORONTO!!" she wrote, announcing the two shows on December 11th and December 13th. "Come celebrate Christmas with me this December! lil' excited lil' excited to be back on stage and get festive with everybody!!"

Needless to say, fans are pretty excited too.

"And just like that! Christmas is back!" wrote one fan, while another wondered, "I wanna go, but the real question is can I start decorating now?"

"We know that Christmas is coming to town!" shared a fan.

This isn't all Mariah is up to this holiday season.

Mariah has a holiday children's book called The Christmas Princess also on the way scheduled for release on November 1st. "It was empowering to transform my childhood turmoil into a modern classic fairytale full of wonder and boundless hope," Mariah said about the book on Instagram.

How excited are you? Let us know in the comments!