Woman Schools Haters Who Don't Understand How She Has A 'Physically Fit' Husband

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Alicia and Scott in the mirror.
TikTok | @aliiciamccarvell

It's likely that there has been a couple in your life that you've had certain...opinions about, let's say. Maybe you really don't like one half, or think some of their habits are a little odd, but they're in love and happy so why would you bother them, right?

Some people don't get to that last part, and instead openly insult any couple they come across that they don't like. When one woman was the victim of many such comments, she spoke out against them.

TikToker Alicia Mccarvell has caught some heat lately.

She hasn't done anything wrong or offensive, she hasn't even done anything mildly mean. All she's done is have a husband, Scott.

It all began with a before-and-after video of the two of them getting ready for a wedding that she uploaded to TikTok.

That video went very, very viral.

A few samples of the hate comments Alicia got.
TikTok | @aliiciamccarvell

It received over 50 million views and 3 million likes, as well as over 100k comments.

Unfortunately, a lot of those comments were hateful, insulting Alicia and telling her they didn't believe that was actually her husband. She was accused of hiring an escort, he was accused of being a gold digger, among many other ridiculous claims.

So she made a response.

One comment alicia got over a photo of her and scott.
TikTok | @aliiciamccarvell

She explains that the reason her video got so much hate while other couple videos of the same genre don't is because, "By beauty standards, we don't make sense."

"We've been made to believe that someone who is physically fit like Scott could never in a million years be in love with [...] a fat woman."

She explains how this is all a product of people being taught that their worth comes from their bodies.

Alicia speaking over a photo of her and Scott.
TikTok | @aliiciamccarvell

"On the scale of what my husband values, how well my body fits into the beauty standards is not at the top of his list. He values my humor and my commitment and my love and my caring heart."

"And none of these things [...] change if my body changes."

"So when someone slides into his DMs leading with their body first, he's asking 'but what else?' Because he, like I, know that people's values don't lie in how well their bodies fit into society's trash beauty standards."

She laid it out plainly for everyone to see, and she was right to! Here's hoping she and Scott continue to have a very happy marriage and defy what people think of them.

h/t: Bored Panda