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Women Share Small Habits That Changed Their Lives

Making small changes in your life can leave a lasting impact on your everyday attitude, health, and overall happiness. Sometimes, you may think that things are silly or stupid, but in the end, they make a huge difference in your life.

If you're looking for what changes to make, these women are here to tell you what worked for them and what they swear by.

Don't pay too much attention.

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272027 said that they don't watch the news in great lengths or for too long. They skim to get the gist of what is going on in the world but do not get too in-depth so that it ruins their day.

Journal all of the good things.

woman sitting down and journaling
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"I've got a little notebook where I write down one positive thing about myself every day. Either what I think, something I did, or something someone else said. I have issues with my self-esteem and doing this has made quite the difference," said PickleCrisps.

Keep your home clean.

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acemerrill80 shared that always keeping your space clean can make a huge difference because you don't feel overwhelmed by chaos and messiness. The less clutter in your space, the less clutter in your mind—overall, it will make you feel at ease.

Stay off social media.

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thousanddays234 said that staying off social media has made a huge impact on their everyday life. Social media can be a comparison contest and constantly feel toxic when everyone is showing off only the "good stuff."

Make your bed every morning.

bed made clean
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carmenvallone shared that making your bed every morning is a small but effective way for you to feel put together and also on top of things. Plus, you come home every day and you have a clean bed that looks brand new.

Wearing a watch.

guy holding his watch
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"My watch. It changed my life, got it during a time where I felt like I was a walking disaster. Helped me to feel grounded. Putting it on every morning gave me a routine, normalcy," said Fizzynth.


woman meditating in grass
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Prudent_Swordfish961 shared that meditating every day is a good routine and also makes you feel grounded and stress-free. It can be a way to connect with yourself and really feel a bit more relaxed—especially the guided ones that tell you what to do and when to breathe.

End your day with some relaxation.

woman reading in bed drinking tea
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Illustrious_Big_8485 said that they always make sure to end their day with something that calms them and makes them feel better. For them, they felt like reading a book at night before bed is a way to feel a bit better.

Staying off your phone late at night.

woman laying in bed
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PebsMom0921 said staying off your phone at night can help you fall asleep faster and also save you from migraines. The blue light on the phone can keep you up longer and also strain your eyes a lot more.

Walking and eating better.

person going on a walk
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"I just decided to start walking. That led me to doing more & more exercise. Then, not really having a plan, I started cutting back on refined carbs, which led me to find a better diet that has not only helped me lose weight be feel so much better," shared MollyOKami.

Wake up early.

woman stretching in bed
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itsmeee_x0 said that waking up early in the morning with enough time to shower and make a good cup of coffee in the morning can help you jumpstart your day in the morning and put you on a good path.

Meal prepping.

meal prep in mason jars
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"Started as work lunches & now it's also weekend meals. Not having to think about what to eat all the time & just twice or three times a week saves a lot of hassle about eating healthy and overspending on groceries," said Silv3r_lite.

Having dinner as a family.

family having dinner together at the table
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Katja24093 said that having dinner as a family with no TV on and talking about their day together is a real treat in her home. Sometimes you neglect how much you don't talk to your family and share as much with them.

Working out consistently.

working out in the morning
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Sad_Marketing_Girl said that working out every day has changed her life and given her energy and a routine to follow. Every day knowing you need to squeeze in your workout gives you something to look forward to and also plan.

Invest in some good sheets.

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"Sleeping in great quality sheets. I finally started buying them last year after years of trying to convince myself they weren’t worth the money. It has slightly ruined hotel stays however - the bed is never as good as my own anymore," said deewan20.