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Groom Abandons Bride During Marriage Ceremony After His Mother Insults Her

There are many times when parents can overstep their boundaries and become a problem in a person's relationships. As we get older, our parents always think they know what is best for us—especially when it comes to finding love.

However, some of us listen to their opinions, while others ignore them and continue on with our lives, going after what we want.

Mothers always feel very territorial over their sons.

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When it comes to relationships and marriage, mothers of boys tend to get very involved in their affairs. They put their two cents into their relationships and many times they even can cause rocky roads in their love life.

There have even been mothers who destroy marriages and weddings.

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When a mother feels that they are overlooked, or they are unhappy with their son's choices, we have all heard how crazy they can be—some of them even destroy special occasions like their son's wedding day.

Recently, one Facebook page shared the story of a mother who overstepped so much, that it turned her son's wedding into a nightmare.

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One groom was all set to wed his bride on their wedding day until his mother got involved and gave her opinions on his bride.

Apparently, she was unhappy with how the bride looked.

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The mother had only seen photos of the bride, prior to their wedding. When she arrived at the wedding and saw how her son's bride had looked, she was upset and disappointed.

The groom's mother felt the bride was "too ugly."

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Apparently, the bride is a Tunisian, Lamia Al-Labawi, who also happens to be an orphan. Therefore, she did not have parents of her own at the wedding. The groom's mother was there to be supportive but felt she was "too ugly" and "too short" when she saw her at the wedding ceremony.

The groom's mother said in comparison, that it was an unfair match.

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According to the Facebook post, the groom's mother felt as though her son's beauty far exceeded that of his bride, and it was an unfair match to have him wed the girl.

The mother tried to convince her son.

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The groom's mother stood in front of the wedding and spoke to her son, telling him to leave and "escape" from the wedding so he did not have to marry the bride—simply because she was unhappy with how she looked.

Of course, we have all heard of unhappy mothers before.

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We have heard the endless stories of unhappy mothers and toxic mothers-in-law who set out to destroy everything that is good in their kids' lives, but not many times do we hear of the kids obeying and listening to them.

The groom did the unthinkable.

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After his mother had caused a scene at the wedding, making a huge deal over the bride's physical looks, the groom decided to side with his mother in front of the entire wedding and left.

Obviously, this bride was embarrassed.

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As any bride who is left at the altar would feel, she was embarrassed and mortified to have her groom leave her at their own ceremony. There were so many people at the wedding, she had to face all of them after he had left.

After the wedding was behind her, Lamia went on social media to share her thoughts.

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Lamia, who is an orphan, had saved up her money and spent a lot of it to make their wedding very special and it's unfortunate that it did not even take place due to the groom's mother, who would have become her mother-in-law.

People online began to share heartfelt words to Lamia, as they felt her pain.

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Many people all over social media who saw her story and heard the news began to share their words of wisdom and advice to Lamia as she was struggling with what had gone on.

Tunisian theater actor, Hedi Al-Mejri, even spoke out to Lamia.

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"You did not lose a man. You lost an object that could have been a curse in your life. You gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom. Do not be broken and do not say that you are an orphan," Al-Mejri said.

Others said that this was a life lesson and Lamia will have a better future.

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"The world is lessons, and one must differentiate between the man and the male. My Lord will compensate her with good, and God willing, the next is good. Lamia is a lesson from the lessons of life, and the future is more beautiful, God willing,” Facebook user Sana Cherif wrote.

Lamia thanked those who reached out in a social media video.

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After receiving so much advice and kind words from people online, Lamia issued a social media video thanking everyone for their kindness and their generosity and for supporting her through her difficult time.