Mom Gets Blasted After Comparing Her Cousin's 'Ugly' Baby To Her 'Perfect' Children

Sarah Kester
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There are just some things in life that you have to “grin and bear.” 

Awkward pictures, a bad date set up by a friend, being close to someone with bad breath, and seeing an “ugly baby.”

You won’t say how you’re really feeling because it would severely hurt someone’s feelings.


One mom, however, has no problem with this. She wants to tell her cousin that her baby is "ugly," especially compared to her own "perfect" children.

This controversial post was shared with the Mom Group Drama Community on Reddit. 

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Redditor WasteCan6403 saw it and knew that it deserved to be ripped apart. 

“Made a post to brag about her kids while calling her cousin’s child ugly. What a waste of words,” they wrote. 

The post from the unidentified mom started with the mom explaining that she has two toddlers who are a year apart. 

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“I got super blessed that they are so beautiful and sweet,” they wrote, adding that they are “literally perfect.”

They then explained that she and her husband are kind of mean and like to pick on people, and also each other. 

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“We could be completely content and honest to ourselves if we had aesthetically ugly/misbehaved children. I just don’t know how we got so lucky.” 

The bragging continued: “We constantly get compliments on our children everywhere we go.”

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But since the woman is incapable of lying, she can’t be nice and compliment the other person’s children back, even if it's just a white lie.

“I don’t expect anyone to compliment my children so why am I expected to? I don’t like children in general.” 


The post got even wilder when the mom admitted that she was afraid that she wouldn’t even like her own kids!

While she will compliment a child if she really thinks they’re cute, she can’t lie about the ones who aren’t.

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Unfortunately, this extends to her cousin’s baby. “My cousin literally has the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen. She constantly sends me photos and expects compliments.” 

The mother doesn’t say anything since she’s of the belief that “you shouldn’t say anything if you can’t say something nice.”

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Now, the mom is in a pickle: her cousin won’t stop sending pictures of her so-called “ugly baby.”

“She’s making things awkward for me. That baby isn’t even 1 percent cute and I’m not going to lie to her.” 

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Yikes. Expecting backlash, the mom wrote, “Y’all can judge me or call me an asshole, it’s fine. I’m aware and accepting of myself for who I am. You thinking I’m an asshole it’s just as OK as me thinking your child is ugly.”

Then, she concluded her post by asking for advice. “What do I do? Should I continue not to say anything if I don’t think it’s true?”

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That’s a lot to unpack! The mom received lots of comments, but the only ugly person people saw was her. 

"My god she sounds insufferable," one Redditor wrote.

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"She’s going to emotionally obliterate her poor children when they stop being 'perfect' for her," another added.

"She’s not a 'new mom' if she has 2 toddlers!! And she isn’t 'struggling to gain parenting etiquette,' she flat out doesnt care she’s a rude person!" a third added.

One person suggested that the mother post photos of her kids and see if she likes cruel judgment.

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"Only I don't want to be mean to kids. Rarely are anyone's kids as glorious as the parents think they are," they added.

In case you're wondering how the other moms reacted to the original post, she got torn apart. So there's always that!

H/T: Reddit