Awkward Moments That'll Surely Give People A Laugh

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Jenna Anderson

There are some moments in life when we make a mistake, say the wrong thing, or find ourselves in an embarrassing situation. You know the moments, where you want to absolutely crawl into a hole and disappear. Sometimes, those moments live in our heads rent-free. But, other times, we get to read about other people's moments and we can't help but laugh.

Now you're stuck there.

When we bomb a job interview, it's definitely awkward. We want to get out of there as fast as humanly possible, so we say our goodbyes and run. But, this guy got himself stuck in a coat closet, so now he has to live it all over again.

There's no turning back from that.

When you get to have free samples at a restaurant, you know it's the best. Everyone loves free samples. However, you want to double-check that you're getting a free sample and you're not taking a stranger's dinner. That's just terrible.

Just losing your mind in public.

Whenever you bump into someone, you always say sorry right away. But, noticing you haven't actually bumped into a person and instead bump into a mannequin is totally fine—however, apologizing and then continuing the conversation, that's crazy talk.

That's embarrassing for everyone involved.

Taking care of three kids can mean that you lose it a little bit. Being a mom of three is a lot, but should never be too much of one that you forget you have a third child while watching two of your children play at the park.

Taking to a trash can is totally awkward.

Sometimes we're so hungry that we want our food immediately, so much so that we're willing to talk to a trash can—thinking it's a speaker for the drive-through at a fast food establishment.

How do you come back from this?

Accidentally stepping on someone is awkward, especially when you don't know them. But, the worst part of this story is that he accidentally touched someone's boobs on top of it. Never going to live this one down.

But why did he drive them?!?

With Ubers and Lyft drivers, we always think that everything is a cab nowadays. However, jumping into a stranger's car can be hella dangerous and also really uncomfortable for everyone involved in that situation. Yikes.

Secrets are good.

Calling in sick to work is one thing—we all do it from time to time. But, when you get caught red-handed by your student, now you two have a secret that you have to keep between the two of you.

Maybe they'll find it funny!

Looking for a job as a nanny can be hard because families always want someone safe and responsible to take care of their kids. But, if you make a mistake by misunderstanding something like "light housekeeping," they may not call you back.

I bet that person felt confused.

This is a text that is going to be 100% taken the wrong way. If you don't know that Jesus isn't "Jesus," you may be really confused as to why he's coming and why you need to have clothes on.

That's a first.

Sometimes, you drink so much at the bar that you totally forget that you didn't bring your car to the bar with you and you instead, accidentally steal someone's car. Don't worry, they towed it back to the bar for them.

No second date for you.

There's nothing more awkward than making a fool out of yourself on your first date. Thinking that there are two piano players instead of one—that's definitely embarrassing. I doubt that you're going to have a second date.

I pledge allegiance.

Singing in the shower is something we all do regularly, but I think my shower will get really weird if I start singing the national anthem. If someone overhears you, well, they may be wondering just why you chose that song.

Smooth move.

Sometimes, we automatically assume someone is hitting on us when in reality, they're not. Like, when a cashier asks for our name for an order and we get protective, and then get brought back down to reality.

That's not going to end well for anyone.

It's always awkward when you think you know someone or you mistake a stranger for your family—it's even worse when you are asking them to hand over their baby. Awkward for everyone involved.