TikToker Spills On Bad Date With Food Network Star, Says Other Women Had Similar Dates With Him

Ashley Hunte
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A woman's TikTok story about an uncomfortable first (and last) date experience with a "famous TV host" went viral recently, simply because of how strange the entire story is.

TikToker Comfy with Kerry (@comfywith_kerry) shared her story at the end of May, and the first video of the saga has since reached over 1.4 million views, with users taking in every detail.

Kerry begins by talking about how this date was "the most unforgettable night."

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Definitely not in a good way, though. This story takes place a few years ago, when she was working for a Food Network show, and she "hit it off" with the host.

Of course, she won't name who the host is.

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Though, that won't stop users from taking guesses as to who it could've been.

The story of the date begins, where Kerry talks about how she had "the most amazing dinner" (which obviously makes sense). She then goes back to his place for a night cap.

"And here's where the night kind of went stale, no pun intended."

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They were relaxing in his room when he suddenly got up and disappeared for at least 20 minutes. So Kerry goes to investigate and finds him in the kitchen.

"He was completely naked, hovered over the kitchen counter, binge eating whatever leftovers we had from dinner."

"Now, this was very uncomfortable for me, and quite embarrassing on his end if he knew I was watching."

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She decided to pretend she never left the room, but when he came back, she tried to leave. The host asked her to stay, and Kerry did because she kind of felt bad.

But then he went to the bathroom.

And Kerry described the sounds coming from the bathroom as "enough to traumatize me for the rest of my life."

Then she fell asleep, but woke up again to the sound of the host sobbing.

The story continues in part 2.

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In the second part, Kerry explained that the host was crying because he saw a PSA on TV about starving children.

"He was crying like his mother died. It wasn’t normal," she recalled. "I love an empathetic, sensitive guy, but this was not normal.”

Around 5am, she finally got up and left.

When she heard the sound of the host snoring, she got up and drove herself home "from the worst date ever." And with that, her story is done.

Kerry did drop a couple of hints as to who the mystery host could be, stating that this took place five years ago and he still has shows on TV today.

Then, a couple of weeks later, Kerry dropped a part 3.

Her story might be over, but in the third part, she talks about how other women have messaged her with similar stories, and she actually went to meet one who lived in her area.

In a fourth TikTok, Kerry shared some of the DMs she got from other women with similar stories.

Because there are always going to be people who don't believe these kinds of stories, Kerry shared the DMs she got from other women, who also describe the sobbing and bathroom antics. All in all, it seems like a pattern.

Commenters were having a field day with this one.

Jim Carey saying "Oh boy, here we go."

"You’re going to find marriage really underwhelming FYI," one said.

"That’s not a first date, that’s a husband," said another.

The fact that this seems to happen in all of this dude's first dates is pretty bizarre, to say the least.

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