A Mom Kicked Her Pregnant Teen Out Before Her Baby Was Born And People Have Thoughts

Sarah Kester
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As sweet and adorable as babies are, their arrival can also divide some families.

This is currently the case with one family. A mother's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and convinced that her mother will take care of the baby for her. Not wanting that to happen, she's decided to kick her daughter out of the house before the baby is born.

A story like this clearly ~~belongs on The Maury Show~~ has inspired some thoughts from people online.

This controversial dilemma was shared with Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” community. 

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The mother began by sharing that her youngest daughter, a 17-year-old, is seven weeks pregnant. She will be 18 when the baby is born. The father isn’t in the picture. 

She explained that he doesn’t want a baby.

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“I honestly don't even think he'll show up for the birth or anything.”

Despite this and advice from “practically every adult in her life,” her daughter still wants to have the baby. 

When the mother asked how she was going to manage being a single mother, this was how the conversation went:

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“Her: I'll get a job. Me: who's going to watch baby while you're at work? Her: I thought you and dad could. Me: absolutely not, I'm not raising another baby.”

This went back and forth until the mother started to believe that if her daughter has a baby in this house, then she is going to practically be its mother. 

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The Redditor explained that she doesn’t want this, as she's recently retired.

“I’m very recently retired and my husband is retiring in exactly 11 months (there's a countdown) and this is not how I want to spend my retirement years,” she wrote. 

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“It's not fair to us,” she added. In order to prevent the situation from happening, the mother had to take drastic measures. 

“So I told her that she has until baby is born to find a place to live,” she wrote. 

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Unfortunately, her husband is not on board with the idea. She explained that her husband has always been wrapped around their daughter's finger.

Normally, she finds how much he loves their children endearing.

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But not in this scenario. In this case, she wants them to be united. In order to persuade him of that, she needs to know if she’s in the wrong here. 

She came to just the right place, as Redditors love to share their thoughts, solicited or unsolicited. 

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"NAH. You can be upset she wants to keep the baby but that’s ultimately not your or ‘every other adult in her life’s’ choice to make," one Redditor wrote.

One mom shared her thoughts: "I have two teenagers. I told them years ago, 'When you become sexually active, make sure you use birth control because I am not raising your babies.'"

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Another Redditor wrote that if the daughter is mature enough to be a mom, then she is mature enough to figure out her situation.

Many argued that the mom is being fair, as she is giving her daughter seven months to find a place.

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She also edited her post to add that she will help her get a job, get on assistance if needed, or affordable housing. "I just will not raise this baby."

If anything, many believe that the daughter is the asshole for assuming that her parents will raise her baby.

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Another Redditor shared the story of their friend who went down this road. "She is practically raising her grandson & supporting the parents. It is draining her, emotionally and financially."

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