20 Online Ads That Took A Lot Of Nerve To Post

Marketplace ad for 'Nintendo Switch' is a light switch with 'Nintendo' written on it
reddit | VashFlame

One of the best things about the internet — or one of the worst things, depending on how you look at it — is how easy it is to shop online. From Black Friday deals to secondhand finds, the internet almost makes it possible to never enter a store again.

But with great selection comes a certain degree of randomness, a certain number of ads that make you wonder what's going on. These are some of those ads.

"Poor door."

Marketplace ad for police door ram
reddit | dognipples11

It's unfortunate that this person's door got rammed, but they're clearly a self-starter: rather than wondering to do with the ram that was left behind, they've already thought of a way to sell it and possibly buy a new door with the money.


Marketplace ad for 'no pets' couch clearly shows a cat in picture
reddit | burning_halo

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've posted ads online (never for soft furniture, mind you), where I add 'no pets' in an effort to sweeten the deal. I don't know why I do this, because I definitely have a cat.


Marketplace ad for 2003 Nissan Altima door handle signed by George Washington
reddit | CButler19

To be fair, this literally appears to be a door handle that was signed by George Washington. I mean, it wasn't the George Washington. But it's not impossible that one of the 948 or so people in the U.S. named George Washington did, in fact, sign this.

"Genuinely laughed."

For rent ad decides it doesn't want renters
reddit | BABUSHKA_18

Have you ever tried to sell something online, started writing the ad, and just completely lost all of your momentum and wonder why you're doing it in the first place? I think this prospective landlord — scratch that, non-landlord — feels your pain.

"Found this on Facebook marketplace today."

Marketplace ad for weird 3D-printed The Rock statue
reddit | DeadLung

3D printing is an incredible thing. It allows people to create just about anything they want. As it turns out, people are into some pretty weird stuff. I especially like how you can order multiples of this if you want.

"I’m not political, but this is dumb."

Marketplace ad for air from Biden inauguration
reddit | Cereal-Lamb

I've never thought about it, but this might not be a bad business idea. People will pay for pretty much anything, so why not fill a Ziploc with air and say it was collected during the fall of the Berlin Wall or whatever?


Marketplace ad offering to hot glue remote controls together
reddit | dogman6

Look, I get that people wish they had just one remote instead of a big pile of remotes, but this isn't the way. It'll be ugly, bulky, and difficult to change batteries. Even at the low price of $10, it ain't worth it.

"Florida lawnmower."

Marketplace ad for 'ride on mower' shows sheep with chair on back
reddit | Bostonterrierpug

At first, I thought this might be a sneaky good deal. Forget lawnmowing, I want the sheep and chair. But as it turns out, it's a bit of a ripoff. Those chairs go for, like 20 bucks, and sheep go for under $500.

"What a great deal."

Marketplace ad for glass table with 'some assembly required' shows broken table
reddit | F_a_r_a_z

Here's an example of an ad that's technically telling the truth. There is most definitely some assembly required. But this isn't an Ikea kit, it's a fully destroyed table. Asking $120 for it is certainly an ambitious move.


Marketplace ad for steel-toed Crocs
reddit | L-E_T_s_GO_BRANdon

I'm a proud Crocs wearer. They look stupid as anything, but they're lightweight and durable. With all the colorways and bangles that people pick for them, I suppose it was inevitable that we'd eventually see these heavy-duty Crocs on the scene.

"Well a deal is a deal."

Marketplace ad seeking naked person to crash wedding
reddit | GOT-5-ON-IT

I find this ad downright delightful. I'd never consider replying to it, not for any price, but I would love to know how things turned out. Was he trying to ruin his sister's wedding or make it better?

"This one actually made me sad. Poor guy!"

Marketplace ad giving away 'ugly' rooster
reddit | ig_gnome_ininous

I have to agree with OP here: I also feel bad for this rooster. Ugly or not, it's hard to argue that his owner hasn't done him dirty after moving onto a newer, prettier rooster.

"Forbidden Lego."

Marketplace ad for Chernobyl graphite block
reddit | Adamrdcp

I'm guessing you can't ask too many questions about where this block came from. Maybe it's a prop from the TV series, or maybe it's the real thing. In any case, the radiation poisoning probably isn't worth it.


Marketplace ad for knock-off Converse 'Convince' sneakers
reddit | suBARASHI23

I don't know why so many fake brands use fake names. I mean, they're already ripping off a trademarked product. Why wouldn't they go all the way by ripping off the actual name of that trademarked product. Even if Converse wanted to sue, I doubt they could find the manufacturer.

"Hope it's satire."

Marketplace ad for bible signed by God and Jesus
reddit | alabamaincestcrusade

I don't get this caption. They hope it's satire — opposed to what? Is the possibility that this is a bible that was genuinely signed by not just Jesus and God, but Satan, on the table? Seems unlikely to me.

"Invisibility cloak!"

Marketplace ad for an 'invisibility cloak'
reddit | bmlykke2

I've seen people try to sell 'air guitars' online, and I suppose this is just another riff on the same idea. I wonder if this guy would actually take your 200 pounds, or if he'd crack and acknowledge that it was all a joke.

"Mystery gun."

Marketplace ad for weird homemade toy gun
reddit | alexisonfire04

I mean, it looks cool and all, but it's still just a bunch of junk that this guy has glued together. He seems to think that he may have invented a time machine or something, but it looks more like junk.

"This post on Twitter."

Missed connections ad for person who was hit by car
reddit | gravegajq

Is there a dating service for people who get injured easily, and want to find other people who frequently find themselves in similar predicaments? This guy might be moving a little fast, but I think his heart is mostly in the right place.

"Big ass mf candle."

Marketplace ad for 'big ass mf candle'
reddit | rlh08741

There's something to be said for a big candle that lasts a long time, but there's also something to be said for restraint. Would you want to buy this big, ugly candle, particularly with the knowledge that its owner wants big bucks for it? I'm not so sure.

"What a steal."

Marketplace ad for 'Nintendo Switch' is a light switch with 'Nintendo' written on it
reddit | VashFlame

This isn't quite the same thing as the woman who sued after winning a "toy Yoda" when she thought she was winning a Toyota, but it isn't far off, either. I'd genuinely like to know the poster's thought process here. Is is just a dumb joke, or does the person who's posting it think that they've found the perfect crime?

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