Internet Rallies Around Boy Who Signed His Own Yearbook When No One Else Would

Kasia Mikolajczak
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I don't know about you, but I believe it's never easy to be a 12-year-old kid in school. Not only do you have to keep up with your studies and homework, but kids often struggle to make friends.

It's definitely the case for this one boy who desperately wanted kids to sign his yearbook. After many failed attempts, he took it upon himself to write a note that was pretty heartbreaking to his mom. Aww, it will surely make you feel something after I tell you about this story.

Cassandra Coopers's 12-year-old son Brody just graduated from sixth grade.

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It should have been a very joyous occasion, no? But sadly, when Brody got his yearbook, he struggled to get other kids to sign it. In fact, only two of his classmates signed it as well as a total of two teachers.

So Brody took it upon himself to write a note in his own yearbook.

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The note said, "Hope you make some more friends - Brody Ridder." Oh my goodness. That's so sad. Isn't it? When his mom found out what happened, she posted about it on Facebook.

She didn't want to humiliate her son.

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She was just fed up with her son feeling alone and struggling to find friends. In fact, she even cried when she saw Brody's yearbook without signatures. So, she wanted to share their struggles with other parents.

After she posted on Facebook she got a lot of supportive messages.

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Many people shared memories of when they got bullied in school themselves. It can't be easy to see your child struggle like this and this post definitely resonated with fellow parents.

A lot of folks even asked to sign Brody's yearbook.

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Isn't that so sweet? Even though it might have been so hard for this mom to deal with her child's heartbreak, I bet it made her feel better once she read all these really kind messages from strangers.

Some parents even offered to set their kids up on a play date.

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They even mentioned that their kids don't have a lot of friends either. I guess this is a bigger problem than we realize. So it's really good to see parents banding together to find a solution for their kids.

And check out the message from Brody's cousin.

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Ah, what a gem, huh? I tend to agree with this. The people who did sign Brody's yearbook are the ones worth treasuring. Those who said "no" or made up excuses not to sign it aren't worth is time, anyway.

And then there was this fellow mom.

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This mom also got bullied herself in the past and now her son is an advocate for anti-bullying in his school. Isn't that so nice? It's great to see kids step up like that.

What do you think about this story?

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Speaking from the experience of someone who has gotten bullied as well, it isn't easy to deal with. As a mom, it must be so hard to have to see your child go through that. But if parents stand together and try to help each other out, perhaps there's a chance the kids will stop this toxic behavior. Do you agree with that?