TikToker Shares 'Influencer Culture' Hack To Get Discounts For Online Shopping

TikTok video on discount codes
TikTok | @sparklegirl316

Who doesn't love a good discount code when online shopping? It sure makes it easier to click on the ol' checkout button knowing you're not spending as much as everybody else.

Codes come and go, but there's a surefire way to always find a hidden discount if you're willing to dig enough, according to one TikToker.

How might one find these codes? Let's dig in.

Discount codes are usually valid for a limited time.

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There's no shortage of websites that list these codes, but they're often expired, only apply to certain items, or only work in certain countries. In short, unless you see an online shopping website advertise a discount code itself, there's a good chance a given code won't work.

It's all about hacking into the code.

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According to a TikToker, @sparklegirl316, all it takes is a little bit of hacking.

Well, perhaps 'hacking' isn't the right term. But it does entail a lot of furious typing to try to find the right code.

Try inputting 'common girl names.'

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Yes, common girl names. Ashley, Brittany, Laura, and so on, followed by a number. 20 is a good number, because websites often have 20 percent off discounts. This seems very random, and it is. According to @sparklegirl316, it's because of influencer culture.

Influencer culture?

Fresh Prince gif: "It is what it is"

I'm a tad skeptical, and haven't tried this method out for myself, but apparently this works because websites will give influencers — influencers with common names, apparently — individual codes.

There are other codes to try, too.

Comments from a TikTok about discount codes
TikTok | @sparklegirl316

Commenters chimed in with suggestions for other codes that might work. WELCOME is a good one, so is SORRY. Both of these are self-explanatory: WELCOME could be an introductory offer, while SORRY could be amends for an order gone wrong.

I guess it's worth a try.

TikTok video on online discounts
TikTok | @sparklegirl316

I've had decent luck in the past just searching for discount codes and trying them until one works. We all love discounts, so perhaps trying out @sparklegirl316's method is worth a shot.

One commenter also suggested searching hauls on YouTube for the brand and then sorting by the date to get the most recent ones, then checking that influencer's name for a coupon code.

How do you find discounts online?

I mean, we all love discount codes, but surely there has to be a better way to save money than furiously typing in random names and random numbers.

Let us know your secrets (if you're willing to share!) and also feel free to share your thoughts on this TikTok, which can be viewed right here.