The Pink Sauce Story, A Viral Sauce Gone South

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Chef Pii holding a piece of fried chicken that she dipped in her Pink Sauce.
TikTok | @chef.pii

It's that time again everyone, time for another absurd viral food product to make the rounds. Will this one be a winner, or will it come crashing down? Well, it sort of already has, but will it get worse from here?

Gather 'round and learn the story of TikTok's now infamous Pink Sauce, the condiment that's had both the internet and peoples' stomachs in a stir.

An interesting food product gained quite a bit of virality lately.

Chef Pii pouring her Pink Sauce onto a McDonald's Big Mac.
TikTok | @chef.pii

Simply called 'Pink Sauce', it is a dipping sauce created by a woman who goes by Chef Pii. Marketed as being able to go on anything, from tacos to chicken to burgers, the sauce is bright pink in color and more viscous than other standard condiments.

Very few details were initially available.

Chef Pii making Pink Sauce in her kitchen, filling a blender with oil and garlic cloves.
TikTok | @chef.pii

Chef Pii was being purposefully being secretive about what the sauce actually tasted like, instead encouraging curious minds to pay $20 for a bottle and try it out for themselves.

It's described as "sweet, savory, seasoned," by a taste tester, a descriptor that's too vague to be of any help.

When the sauce was officially up for sale, the ingredients were revealed.

Chef Pii holding a piece of fried chicken that she dipped in her Pink Sauce.
TikTok | @chef.pii

Dragonfruit, honey, chili, and garlic are all among the main components of the sauce. Still confused by what this could possibly taste like, people decided to buy some and give it a go. What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently.

When people started receiving their bottles in the mail, they noticed some...issues.

The nutrition facts label was full of spelling errors, and also claimed the bottle contained 444 servings of the sauce. Some bottles contained sauce that wasn't even pink, others had expanded in the mail and 'exploded' upon opening.

But that's not the worst of it.

An open bottle of pink sauce with a text box that reads, "Smelled Rotten".
TikTok | @r8ch3ll

Another ingredient present in the sauce is milk. Just straight-up milk. A sauce containing milk going unrefrigerated for who knows how long meant many bottles arrived smelling rotten. For those who didn't encounter a smell and ate some anyway, there's more than one report of people becoming sick afterward.

Not everyone had issues, of course.

There are a few people who liked it! Or, at the very least, felt neutral about it. One reviewer who enjoyed it said it tasted like "sweet, buttery ranch."

However, the backlash far outweighed the praise.

Chef Pii made a video regarding the complaints.

She did apologize vaguely, saying, "I'm only human, I'm not perfect."

She explains that the weight got mixed up with the serving size causing the '444' label issue and that they fixed the spelling errors, but no mention of the refrigeration issue or of people getting sick. She does promise that they're following FDA standards but are currently in the lab testing phase.

So, what's in store for the future of The Pink Sauce?

No one can know for sure! Chef Pii says that once the sauce passes the FDA's lab testing, she can start pitching it to stores, but it's possible that the initial wave of bad reviews will put buyers off and doom Pink Sauce to being a brief internet fad.