You Can Now Get A Sandwich Made With Pickles Instead Of Bread

Sydney Brooman
Facebook | Elsie's

Carb-free alternatives to our favorite meals are making waves nowadays. It's not uncommon to find things like deconstructed taco bowls, lettuce wraps, and other gluten-free options on the menus of restaurants across America.

Some recipes simply aren't the same, and I've yet to find a carb-free option that looks better than the original.

Until now.

This cafe near Philadelphia has offered us a new alternative to your classic sandwich.

Facebook | Elsie's

Elsie's is the self-proclaimed "home of the pickle sandwich."

It's not just one menu option — every single sandwich at Elsie's is made out of pickles instead of bread.

Order your pickle sandwich in as many varieties as you want!

Facebook | Elsie's

You can order large sandwiches made out of thicker pickles, or roll-up wraps out of thin pickle slices.

"You have a choice of meats and cheeses as well as toppings" their Facebook page reads, "including Sriracha mayo and spicy wasabi mayo."

Elsie's is using a pickle recipe passed down through generations.

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Elsie's co-owner, Katherine Cohen, shares that they've resurrected an old family pickle recipe to ensure the best experience for their customers.

“Essentially, we’re a sandwich shop without the bread" she explains.

The restaurant is already getting rave reviews.

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Not only are their pickle sandwiches being praised, but apparently their customer service and cafe atmosphere are wonderful too!

"Got to meet the owner when we visited and could not have [met] a [sweeter, kinder,] happier person!" one person writes.

Do we think that this will spark a country-wide trend?

Facebook | Elsie's

Is sandwich bread old news?

Whether you're the world's biggest pickle fan or an adamant pickle-hater, you have to admit that food innovation is currently the wildest it's ever been.