TikToker Discovers Hubby Has Been Leaving Her Love Notes For The Past Six Years

Ashley Hunte
A hand holding up a yellow paper heart with "I love you" written on it.
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In any good relationship, you and your partner will do nice things for each other. Sometimes, those nice things are really small, but still really impactful.

Other times, they're small and impactful, but easy to miss. At least, that was the case for a TikToker who recently discovered the secret notes her husband has been leaving her for the past six years.

Anna Mellor, a popular TikToker, posted a video about it recently.

Captioning the video, "Me thinking it was a love letter for someone else has same energy as when Rory was proposing and I thought the ring was somebody else’s that got lost at the beach." I think it's safe to say we all know where this is going.

She starts out the TikTok by excitedly saying, "What is my life."

Anna Mellor looking into the camera excitedly as text overlay reads, "I just discovered as 6 year secret my husband has been keeping from me" followed by two sobbing emojis.
TikTok | @mellorlite

Along with text overlay that reads, "I just discovered a 6 year secret my husband has been keeping from me," Anna dives into the story of the love not she found in her shoes.

She'd just purchased a pair of Fila sneakers.

Anna Mellor holding up a Fila shoe while text overlay reads, "I FILA lot better when ur around."
TikTok | @mellorlite

And she ended up finding a secret message written between the tongues of both shoes: "I FILA lot better when ur around." So she quickly calls her husband, Rory, to tell him about it.

"I was like, ‘I just found a love letter in my shoes.'"

"And he's like, 'Are you being serious?' Acting as if I should know what's going on," Anna says.

"Then he tells me, 'Anna, we've been married for six years. I have been writing in your shoes for six years and you just noticed for the first time.'"

At first, Anna doesn't really believe that Rory could've been doing this for 6 years without her noticing.

So she decides to "investigate," which meant looking at other pairs of shoes she owns. She then shows a second, much older pair of shoes.

And sure enough, it has a message of its own.

Anna Mellor holding up a pair of old running shoes as text overlay reads, "If your feet get tired I will carry you."
TikTok | @mellorlite

This pair reads, "If your feet get tired I will carry you."

At this point, Anna is in full gush mode, saying, "Is that not the cutest thing that you've ever seen?"

According to her followers, it totally is.

With over 2.5 million views, more than 400 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments, it's safe to say everyone is as obsessed with Rory's secret love notes as Anna is.

So many people were praising Rory's commitment to the messages in the comments.

SpongeBob dropping a broom to squeal at something.
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"It’s so much sweeter that he kept doing it even though you never praised him for it," one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, "your sole read the messages even if your mind never saw them."

Others expressed a tiny bit of jealousy over Rory's thoughtfulness.

Benedict Cumberbatch saying, "I envy you so much!"
Giphy | BBC

One commenter joked, "Immediately getting a divorce… none of my shoes say stuff!!!"

"Where did you find him and how do I get one…asking for a friend," said another.

And there were plenty of people asking the burning question that's probably on everyone's minds.

A man saying, "you tell us what we need to know."
Giphy | Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

What do Anna's other shoes say? And will we ever get to see them?

One user commented, "I need more of these foot notes! Lol."