TikToker Shares That Her BF Has Open Relationship With Her Mom And Sister

Stills of TikToker whose boyfriend is also in a relationship with her relatives

Ever since it started way back in 2017, TikTok has been a haven for all kinds of weird drama. The latest involves a prominent TikToker straight-up deleting her whole account after the drama got too spicy.

The drama in question? Well, it had to do with the fact that her boyfriend is also in a relationship with her mom and her younger sister.

Y'know, just TikTok stuff.

Lots of TikTokers have massive followings.

A phone showing the TikTok app
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TikTok neatly filled the niche left behind by Vine and quickly became one of the hottest social media networks in its own right.

Thanks to short, bite-sized videos and engaging content, plenty of TikTokers have accumulated huge amounts of followers.

Madi Brooks was a big name in the SwingTok community.

Still from a TikTok video describing boyfriend's open relationship

What's the SwingTok community, you ask? Well, it's the intersection of TikTok and the swinging community — you know, polyamorous people, folks in open relationships, that sort of thing.

We're not here to judge swingers, but we may be here to judge Madi Brooks a little bit.

Madi shares her boyfriend.

Still from a TikTok video describing boyfriend's open relationship

Again, this is pretty normal among swingers. The weird part is that Madi shares her boyfriend with, um, her mom and also her younger sister.

It isn't quite as bad as it sounds. It isn't like Madi is directly hooking up with her blood relatives. But it's still an arrangement that left a lot of people with questions.

It's...not for everyone.

Gif of Clint Eastwood cringing

Even those who are enthusiastic swingers might be a bit squeamish about the prospect of sharing their romantic partners with blood relatives. Still, to her credit, Madi was open and proud of her lifestyle, and documented everything on TikTok for her many followers.

Madi wound up deleting her account.

"Couldn't find this account" TikTok error message

It would be understandable for her to delete her swinging videos, because they were the source of a lot of controversy. But Madi went the extra step by deleting her account and her many followers entirely. Now, if you go to her page, you'll see a big ol' error message.

What happened to Madi?

Still from a TikTok video describing boyfriend's open relationship

We don't really have any more info at this time. It's possible that TikTok deleted her account and it's possible that Madi deleted it. All we know is that the details of Madi's familial swinging lifestyle are gone forever.

It was hard to look away.

"That's creepy" gif
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On one hand, the world seems like a less complicated place now that Madi is no longer producing these videos. On the other hand, the internet seems a little less weird and vibrant as a result.

Back to normal TikTok, I suppose.

TikTok gif of dog dressed like UPS driver
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TikTok can provide an avenue for addressing serious issues. But at the end of the day, most of us aren't on TikTok for the serious stuff. We're on the platform to see tiny dogs dressed up in UPS uniforms and other similar delights.

Either way, that's enough TikTok for today.

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If you made it this far, what do you think of this story? We're not here to kink-shame, but the prospect of romantically sharing your partner with your siblings and parents is bound to raise a few eyebrows. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.