We Rounded Up All The Week's Best Offerings From TikTok

Ashley Hunte
The TikTok logo against a dark blue background.
Unsplash | Alexander Shatov

TikTok is kind of a dangerous place. You sit down to watch a couple of videos, and next thing you know you've been watching for an hour or two. But with all the cool, entertaining content on the app, who can blame you?

Here are some of the best TikToks that came out over the last week or so. Just beware, once you start watching, you might find it hard to stop.

A retro PC startup.

The computers of today are much faster, quieter, and more compact than anything from the '90s. But there's something kind of magical about that old boot up sound. Nothing like a little nostalgia to get you through the week. So simple, yet so satisfying.

Random Amazon finds are always a hit (or a slap).

I have to admit, these kinds of videos are a tiny bit dangerous. At least, they are to your wallet. But these kinds of cool gadget showcases are at the very least, super fun to watch.

Cleaning videos are just ultra satisfying.

This person's sink may not have been covered in an unrealistic layer of grime or anything, but watching it get cleaned is still strangely therapeutic. Also, watching someone doing the cleaning is always way better than doing it yourself.

Warning: don't watch on an empty stomach.

I don't know about you, but the sound that something fried makes when you pass a utensil over it might be one of my favorite sounds ever. Just thinking about it is making me kind of hungry.

This looks like the life.

Chilling on your computer with a pizza on a nice day... while in the pool... sounds amazing. Some comments pointed out that their laptop batteries wouldn't last long enough to make it worth it, but I'm gonna just pretend that's not a thing.

Jewelry making, anyone?

The people who handcraft beautiful rings like this must have some next level patience. The whole process was sped up for the sake of the video, but I feel like I could've just watched it in real time.

So that's what happens when you leave a cucumber in a glass of water for two weeks.

The answer to a question I never asked, and yet I can't bring myself to look away. There's something about a cucumber decomposing that's just so fascinating to watch.

Do you think the cat actually did all that?

Okay, so no, the cat is not actually making dragon fruit popcorn. But I kind of wish I lived in the universe where that kind of thing was possible, and not just for the sake of a cute TikTok.

I have one word for you: Sloths!

I really wish I could just pick up a sloth and give it a hug for a few minutes. Or hours. They're such cuddly animals! Excuse me while I have this video on repeat for a little bit.

This woman's reaction is priceless!

The "I highly doubt that, I'm eating donuts off my belly" part absolutely killed me. Everything about this video is so funny, and yet so wholesome at the same time. Good thing there wasn't actually anyone in the car next to them.

Wait, wait, wait... THAT'S how you do that?

Well, now I know the proper way to open a pomegranate. Which is something I never knew I needed to know, but I'm glad I know nonetheless. Though, it's definitely got to be harder than it looks.

How did he get them so clean?

To be honest, I don't know if I'd ever be able to wear shoes that were found in the gutter, no matter how clean they got. But I can still appreciate the transformation in this video.

I feel like I learned a lot just now.

I think one of my favorite TikTok genres is people making things, and explaining what they're doing. Put an Irish accent in there, and those two minutes felt more like 20 seconds.

This looks like so much fun!

Welp, looks like I have to plan a trip to Belgium now. This looks insanely fun. And the fact that the ducks are pink in this one makes it sooo much better. I want to go!

I guess a lot of work goes into some of these TikToks.

It's funny how, when you watch a minute long TikTok, it feels so short and quick. But they take so much work! Seeing the behind the scenes of this one really puts that into perspective.

Okay, but how could you eat that?

I love it when people make elaborate art out of food, but it also makes me kind of sad. Food is meant to be eaten, but some of it is almost to pretty to want to do that!

From very dirty, to very clean!

Like I've said before, watching someone clean is always more entertaining than doing it yourself. And the transformation these tiles went through is kind of mind-blowing. I'd never have that kind of patience.

Imagine how much time this must've taken.

Okay, so that's how a dam is built. At least, on a small scale. Even though it might not have the same kind of power as a normal sized one, this is still very impressive!

They're best friends!

Sometimes, the best content is the kind where you focus on the wholesome moments in life. And there really isn't anything more wholesome in this whole world than a baby and a dog, especially when they're best friends.

These gadget videos are insane!

I love how she could clean the whole home in the time it took the MIL to get up there. Not realistic in the slightest, and yet I couldn't help but watch it a couple of times.