Swinging Scandal Takes Over Mormon 'MomTok' Community After TikToker Spills Juicy Details

Ashley Hunte
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TikTok has so many different communities, you'd probably pass out from exhaustion before naming them all. And one such community is the "MomTok" one, which centers around a group of Mormon moms and their families.

And like pretty much any TikTok community out there, MomTok is full of drama. To the point where it even has a Subreddit dedicated to its drama and gossip.

The drama surrounds popular TikToker, Taylor Frankie Paul, and rumors that have been swirling for a while.

Alongside other Mormon moms in the Utah area, Paul (@taylorfrankiepaul) posts videos with her husband and kids, and the other moms in the community.

But recently, Paul posted a mysterious TikTok that shared some pretty bad news.

The TikTok, titled, "An unfortunate announcement," features Paul in an empty house. Text overlay on the screen reads, "In my twenties, getting divorced, started therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two little kids."

This completely shook fans and followers.

The video, which was posted on May 20th, has over 12 million views, as well as thousands of comments.

"You guys they slept in different rooms... I wouldn’t be surprised if they were getting divorced," a commenter wrote.

For anyone new to the drama, this might come across as confusing.

Like, really confusing. But the followers who have been keeping a close eye on things definitely have the inside scoop.

A user commented, "Open relationship yeah? Those just don’t work. I’ve yet to see it work anyway."

This ties back to the rumor that Paul, her husband, and other couples in the community have been swinging.

And no, not like the kind you'd find in a playground.

Paul held a TikTok live to talk about the situation, explaining how the involved couples had strict rules for their swinging activities, which she broke with another man.

"It was a secret that we had been keeping from family and other friends."

"All my dirty secrets are out and I have nothing to hide anymore."

This seemingly confirms the swinging rumors that have been floating around the community for a while, now.

Some fans aren't sure if she's joking or not.

Comments on the initial viral TikTok seem to think Paul is joking, and is probably just in the process of moving with her family.

But a recent video she released makes it seem like she has a lot more to share.

What's more, Paul's husband, Tate, deleted photos of her from his Instagram.

Not only that, but other moms in the MomTok group have blocked Paul from their social media accounts. It looks like she's officially ousted from the community.

And yet, none of the other moms have spoken out about the situation.

None of the other moms have confirmed the alleged swinging, or the affair. But with all the drama that's been surrounding Paul, it's difficult to believe that there's no truth to the rumors.

For now, it looks like followers will wait and see what unfolds next.

A woman nodding slightly while saying "We're just going to have to wait and see."
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If anything, it looks like Paul's following is going strong, likely because people can't help but be curious about all the drama.

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