20 Incredible, Heartwarming Transformations Of Pets Before And After Adoption

Ashley Hunte
A before-and-after shot of a cat. It was skinny and missing fur, and is now much healthier.
Reddit | Hoperosaliex

Thinking about the number of pets out in the world who have no home or family is actually heartbreaking. So many animals suffer through violence, neglect, and starvation on a daily basis.

As upsetting as that is, there's always hope. So many people will go out and adopt animals who need nothing but love.

These incredible transformations are just proof that rescuing a pet and giving them love and attention is enough to completely change their lives for the better.

1. "My Missy girl two months after we rescued her."

On the left: A small dog with overgrown fur on her body and feet. On the right: the same dog, but trimmed and looking healthier.
Reddit | bitchinawesomeblonde

I can't believe how much fur this poor girl had on her paws! I's amazing she could even stand on them.

And she totally looks like she's living the life of luxury now!

2. "Mange, yeast, half blind, older than dirt and smelling like that thing at the back of the fridge, so of course I had to have her."

On the left: A screenshot of a dog's rescue page. The dog, Coco, looks dirty and unhealthy. On the right: the same dog, but cleaned, trimmed, and sleeping in a bed with unicorn pyjamas on.
Reddit | irishspice

This is the type of dog that most people would overlook when trying to find a new pet. Luckily for Coco, her new owner gave her the one thing she needed: a chance. And new pjs from the looks of it.

3. "My boy Macavity last April the day I adopted him, and then in December! He got fluffy!!"

On the left: A black cat with short, uneven fur. On the right: the same cat, but with fuller fur on his body.
Reddit | LavastormSW

Just like people, pets can lose their hair thanks to malnutrition. But this good boy got his fluffy coat back, all thanks to his new adopted family!

4. "Almost a year with Mister P. Health issues taken care of, gained 5 pounds, and 18 teeth pulled. He's a sweet boy full of zoomies and cuddles."

Four pictures. The first on the top left depicts a small dog with an injury near his eye. The other three images show the same dog, visibly less skinny and overall healthier.
Reddit | zealous_zig

I can't get over how different this dog looks in the after pictures. His overall energy just seems a lot happier, and it's sort of bringing me to tears.

5. "My sweet lil lady, Charlie! Her pink nose and shiny fur are my favorite changes."

On the left: a Labrador dog with slightly dirty fur. On the right: the same dog, but visibly healthier and happier.
Reddit | famshazaam

Little Charlie didn't look too unhealthy before, but she still looks way better off in the after picture. Is it just me, or is this dog literally glowing?

6. "Sadly, I fostered a lot of stray babies in need this past year...This special girl is one of the last ones the fate has met me with..."

Four pictures. The two on the left depict a black and white cat whose fur is ragged and dirty. The two on the right depict the same cat, much cleaner and calmer.
Reddit | airesiss

"I decided to keep her and end 2021 on a positive note... So, meet Misty - my new family member."

I have mad respect for anyone who can foster animals. And OP even got to keep one!

7. "Meet Buddy! He was dumped at the pound as a stray."

Four pictures. The first three show the stages of cleaning and shaving a dirty, matted, sick dog. The fourth picture shows the same dog, now much cleaner, healthier, and with new fur grown in.
Reddit | lyzzyjayne

"He had mange, flea dermatitis and a bad eye infection. He was also badly malnourished. He is a very old guy and had never been neutered. After a good shave, bath and snip, I scooped him up to live with me for the rest of his days."

This took a lot of TLC, but wow, what a transformation!

8. "I work at a shelter and I do haircuts like these very often, this is Georgia. I fostered her after rescue and I fell in love with her and put in an application."

On the left: a dog whose matted fur is in the process of being shaved off. On the right: the same dog months later, with new, healthy fur grown in.
Reddit | coffee_of_boredom

Seeing those kinds of haircuts is always so stressful, but Georgia was way better off without all that matted fur. And just look at her beautiful coat now!

9. "Coconut the first day I adopted him vs Coconut now."

On the top: A white cat with slightly dingy fur. On the bottom: The same cat, but with fuller and whiter fur.
Reddit | Dizzy_Journalist4486

Coconut looked a little toasted in his before picture, but looks so much healthier now. Maybe his owner should change his name to Marshmallow...

10. "The day I found him dirty and starving in a seasonal corn maze VS. living the good life 2 years later!"

On the left: a skinny, orange cat standing outdoors. On the right: the same cat, now sleeping happily on a bed.
Reddit | wandwish

Even though pets don't really show facial expressions the way we do, you can always tell when they're happy. And this cat looks so much happier in the after picture than in the before.

11. "Fish can be adopted too! This is Lulu after just a few weeks of proper care."

On the top: a small fish that looks dull in color. On the bottom: the same fish, but with fuller fins and a more vibrant color.
Reddit | finbettafish

People don't realize that fish (especially Betta fish, like Lulu here) need proper care, too. If you actually take care of a fish, it can live with you for years!

12. "My sweet girls before and after adoption."

Four pictures. The top two depict two different dogs - one white and brown, and the other black, white, and brown. The bottom pictures depict these same dogs, but indoors and sitting happily.
Reddit | jazsmith514

This person rescued not one, but two adorable dogs! And they both look so much happier than they did in their before pictures!

13. "Maeby was picked up of [sic] the streets in South Korea by a wonderful rescue group that spent months getting her healthy and socialized."

On the left: a photo of a dog standing outdoors. On the right: a photo of the same dog, this time sleeping in a bed.
Reddit | S*****SpiritAnimal

Apparently, Maeby also got pregnant and gave birth to two puppies at one point. Quite a life this little white dog has had.

14. "My Abby the day the animal shelter called me and now 6 years later."

On the left: A small, dirty kitten wrapped in a towel. On the right: the same cat, now much older, looking out a window.
Reddit | Hoperosaliex

"She was found clinging to the side of an oil container, and they were planning on her not leaving the shelter bc of the oil."

Good thing her new parent got to her on time!

15. "The power of rescue! I rescue animals. This is Pearl the day I got her, and her today in her forever home!"

On the left: a dirty kitten with her eyes crusted over. On the right, the same cat, much older, healthier, and cleaner.
Reddit | Hoperosaliex

All this kitten needed was a guardian angel, and it looks like she got one! I wonder if rescue cats know how lucky they truly are to have found their people.

16. "6 months ago I found this scrawny little dude on the side of the road."

On the top: A small, skinny cat in a person's arms. On the bottom: the same cat, but larger.
Reddit | turquoiseflamingo

It's hard to believe a cat can look so different in the span of 6 months. And not even just because of age. This boy's whole look has totally changed!

17. "My old man Capone (RIP) — surrendered to the shelter at 12yo, skin & bones and depressed; after a few months of TLC at our house."

On the left: a dog standing outside. On the right: the same dog, also standing outside, but looking happier.
Reddit | AxelShoes

I'm so sad that this poor boy couldn't have been happy his whole life, but I'm glad he got to live out the rest of his days surrounded with love.

Excuse me while I go get the tissues...

18. "Found him in the middle of the street one night while walking my dog. Now he's my new work-from-homemate who loves stealing my chair."

On the left: a small, dirty kitten in a box. On the right, the kitten, who has grown into an adult cat, napping in an odd position.
Reddit | KyoNyx

This cat is so lucky that OP found him when they did. Now he gets to spend every day napping and stealing chairs (not to mention hearts!).

19. "This senior declawed girl was living in a hotel storm drain starving."

4 pictures of a cat. The first (top left corner) is of the cat when she was first rescued, underweight and balding. The other three images show the cat in her new home, much healthier and covered in fur.
Reddit | Hoperosaliex

"She had to be sedated and shaved, as seen in the before photo due to matting. She was so thin. The rest are in her forever home 1.5 years later!"

I'm so glad she got a new home and a new family!

20. "Before & after adoption; our lovely princess, Kimchi."

On the left, a dirty, grey-ish cat. On the right: the same cat, whose natural fur colour is much more orange.
Reddit | gabrielapintican

I can't get over how different this cat looks. You could've told me those are two different cats and I would've believed it. Her owners are amazing people!

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