11+ Incredible Transformations That'll Make You Wish You Were Better At Makeup

The power of makeup, when placed in the right hands, can truly be transformative. Whether it's just getting freshened up from your boring, everyday routine or covering up a beauty flaw, makeup artists can make miracles happen. There are amazing transformations happening all the time that really show us what a skillful makeup artist can do.

Here are just a few examples of such amazing work that's definitely worth sharing.

1. Not everyone is a fan of freckles so if you're looking for a great way to hide them or get rid of them all together this is it.

With or without makeup, she's still gorgeous!

2. If you've always wanted to channel your inner Barbie, the right makeup artist can help you with that.

This lady looks like she definitely got her dream look.

3. Most women wish they could look younger and more polished but can't always achieve this look on their own.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

With the right makeup, this too can be done.

4. This beautiful makeup transformation is the perfect example of channeling your inner diva.

We all have one inside of us. We just need someone skilled to bring it out.

5. Covering up imperfections is a makeup artist's secret weapon.

If only we were all as skilled at this as the pros. Am I right, ladies? What a difference here.

6. I've always wanted to accomplish that perfect smokey eye, but so far haven't really succeeded.

This look is giving me all the good feels. This is absolute perfection.

7. A great makeup artist can work with any client to bring out their natural beauty.

It's all about using the right shades and colors.

8. Makeup can truly make you look like a different person if that's the look you're going for.

In this case, I say she's channeling her inner Kardashian.

9. Other times you can even switch genders.

Wow, I would never have guessed this was originally a man who now looks like a stunning lady. This is definitely transformative.

10. Not everyone is always blessed with flawless skin.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

But for those times when you need a little help, a skillful makeup artist can come to the rescue. Amazing.

11. On those days when you need a little extra like your wedding day or special occasion, makeup can really make a world of difference.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

Wow, what a look.

12. Aging skin can present many different challenges.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

But in the hands of a great makeup artist, there isn't anything that can't be fixed. This is such a gorgeous look.

13. I want to give praise to these makeup artists who aren't afraid to work with difficult cases because for the people they help it can definitely be life-changing.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

Love this look!

14. Dark Circles Be Gone

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

She honestly looks like two different people in these photos. What an incredible makeover.

15. Loving This Blue Lipstick

Instagram | @joyceilicious08

It's great to see people experiment with colors when it comes to their beauty routine.

16. One For The Ages

Makeup Vidalondon

This could be one of the best makeup transformations of all time. I'm loving this look!

I'm truly amazed at all these beautiful makeup transformations.

I wish I was as good at makeup as these artists. For now, I'll just try to learn what I can.

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