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10+ Pets Who Prove Working From Home Doesn't Mean There Isn't Always A Karen

As 2020 continues to look back upon 2019 and laugh maniacally at how innocent we all were, many people are working from home for the first time and discovering all the ways it is great and also challenging.

From awkward video calls, to staying productive without supervision, to whether you should or should not stay in your pjs — loungewear was made for this, IMHO — remote work has a ton of new variables.

And then there are your pets.

Pets make the best and the worst coworkers.

Diply | Amy Pilkington

Exhibits A and B are my own pups, who are like every irritating co-worker who has never learned professional boundaries.

They help themselves to my coffee, constantly interrupt me mid-task, and there is so much slobber on my laptop screen that I don't even notice it anymore.

But god, they're cute.

Upside: working on the couch.

Downside: sharing your workspace with coworkers who have no respect for the idea of "social distancing".

"I’m working from home today, then I look over and see this."

Reddit | PDX1995

The first few days will be particularly hard as you get used to a new routine and your pets don't quite understand yet.

"First day working from home and he keeps giving me that side eye."

Reddit | churro_luvin_milf

They might be very suspicious of why you're always around, preventing them from engaging in their usual daily routine.

HR is very demanding.

Get used to typing one-handed, because the other one will be busy petting your cat.

You may think you're the boss now, but you aren't.

Now that their humans are home during the day, your animals will quickly make it clear that you're in their office now.

"Oh, were you sitting here?"

Every time I get up to go to the bathroom or stretch my legs, one or the other of my boys steal my spot.

You don't necessarily get to enjoy your coffee in peace.

On one hand, it's great to have complete control over the coffee pot.

But you may discover that your pet has a taste for it. It's cute, but stop them quick, because caffeinated pets are a whole new adventure.

It is a never-ending game of fetch.

Your pet will have three modes: begging for pets, napping, or wanting you to throw a toy. Over and over and over again.

Your co-workers will literally be watching over your shoulder.

"Are you sure you want to send that e-mail? It sounds a bit passive aggressive. Needs more treats."

Have that mute button ready to trigger at any moment.

Somehow, the mailman always comes when I'm in a conference call.

Did my mail already arrive by the time of the meeting? Doesn't matter. Magically, I will have more mail and my dogs will freak out.

If a human co-worker did this, you'd file a harassment complaint.

Reddit | suspiciousthimble

Give it a week and you'll have mastered the art of typing at a weird angle due to your dominant hand being bent over the butt of your dog.

A goat in a diaper feels like a whole different challenge.

Twitter | @brendalyntc

I'm going to assume the laptop was placed on the ground for the photo op and this person isn't actually working on the floor. My back hurts just thinking about that.

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