13+ Times People Hit The Jackpot And Met The Cutest Animals In Their Airbnb Apartments

With apologies to Forrest Gump, Airbnb rentals are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes the place is mysteriously nice for $50/night. Sometimes it looks like you're arriving at a crime scene. Surprises aren't always good — but when that surprise is an animal, it's awesome.

"Staying at an Airbnb and I woke up to their kitten this morning licking my face. Instant 5 star review."

Reddit | Tan-zania

I'm not sure if I'd feel excited that there's suddenly a cat in the house, or disappointed that I didn't know until I woke up, missing out on all sorts of snuggles.

"I rented a place off Airbnb and it said there were a few dogs on the property. This little fella was one of them. Best rental ever."

Reddit | dertigo

When you're traveling, animals are your best friend. They don't care if you look out of place and they don't care which language you speak. They're mostly just interested in chin scratches.

"This is Belle. One special goat friend at our Airbnb (our host assured us she's fine)"

Reddit | missusrobins

Belle looks special indeed. When she calmed down from...whatever it is she was doing in this pic...I hope she was social. Among barnyard animals, goats are actually super fun to hang out with.

"Our Airbnb came with a flying dog!"

Reddit | bliss01

It's a's a's a....little dog defying the laws of gravity. It looks like the aforementioned flying dog might be a bundle of energy, but sometimes that's just what you need.

"Arrived back at my Airbnb in Japan to find this in my bed."

Reddit | Pinionedspiral

I love how many of these entries deal with surprise cats. Like, they're not friendly enough to show themselves initially, but they'll gladly take over your bed if you leave for any length of time.

Staying at an Airbnb on a farm, $22/night and all the animals you can pet.

Reddit | ajbajo01

What a deal! We don't know what the accommodations looked like — for all we know, OP straight-up slept in a barn for that $22/night. But if you get to hang with these goats, it's well worth it.

"Our Airbnb came with Jeff at no extra charge."

Reddit | mkdevo

It's such a bonus to come across a (no extra charge) animal when you get an Airbnb. I know pets are often listed as almost a liability, but they should be listed as an amenity.

"The Airbnb host dog, Woodruff, required pets and scratches before we were allowed to leave."

Reddit | Chipothy

They had to pay a little extra in pets and scratches. Even though these extra charges might not have been mentioned in the original listing, I'm sure this owner got a good review all the same.

"My Paris Airbnb came with a kitten roommate. Meet Zeus!"

Reddit | zillijmarie

All of these lucky Airbnb bookers are getting adorable kittens and puppers. All I get when I rent an Airbnb is a weird-smelling apartment with doors that don't close properly.

"My Airbnb host has a dog. I got up to the bathroom, came back to this."

Reddit | Agu_Quintos

In acting somewhat antisocial and bogarting the comfy bedding, this dog is pulling a total cat move. I appreciate the ingenuity, but I do hope he surrendered the bedding eventually.

"This majestic beast at my Airbnb."

Reddit | pretty_dreams

Now, I don't know if this glorious longhaired cat is happy or annoyed that guests are sharing its abode. But it doesn't matter, because they're here and they think it's adorably majestic.

"This sweet boy Benny greeted us with his teddy bear when we got to our Airbnb."

Reddit | cdc420

At first I didn't know what I was looking at here, but it's just Benny with his similarly-colored teddy bear. Very hospitable gesture to offer his prized possession to the guests.

"Away for work and missing my pupper, luckily my Airbnb host has this beautiful creature. Reddit, meet Luna."

Reddit | DasGolem

What a rare pupper! For pet owners who travel a lot, it's hard not to miss their little fluffballs at home. But meeting friendly random animals takes the sting away a bit.

"Heard a lot of Airbnb horror stories. This is not one of them."


This is just the best. Big fluffy dogs like this are basically made for spooning with. This guy must be used to guests if he's willing to get this comfy.

"Arrived at my Airbnb for the night and made friends with the cat, turns out he doesn't even live here!"

Reddit | BitOfAWindup

I think this story needs more context, especially since you might have just welcomed an unwelcome cat into the house. But if it's this affectionate, I would just go with it.

"I made a friend named Mewcifer at my Airbnb"

Reddit | JamesKPolk-on

That looks like way too much of a sweetheart to be named after the Prince of Darkness, but who knows how they'll turn out when they've fully grown.

"My Airbnb has a bellhop now."

Reddit | 3magdnim

Chances are this doggo just looks cute and doesn't actually help you with your heavy luggage or give you dinner suggestions...but on cuteness alone, this deserves a 5/5 review.

"Airbnb host was concerned I would cancel because he had puppies. Instead, I stayed an extra week!"

Reddit | G65Mondo

The host thought the guest might cancel because of puppies? The host ought to charge double when puppies are present, because no one is turning down this level of cuteness.