15 Times Parents Roasted Their Kids

Lex Gabrielle
parents roasting teens
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Parents take a lot of crap from their kids, both literally and figuratively. Kids are constantly making parents' lives hard by giving them attitudes, making demands, and being extra dramatic. Parents are always going with the flow and trying their best to keep up with it all, but sometimes, they serve it right back to their kids when they most deserve it. We give you: parents roasting kids.

This is 100% accurate.

Raising a teenager is like living with a ghost. They are hidden behind closed doors and walls constantly, and you only hear them when they are complaining and moaning that "their life is over." Then, they slam a door and they disappear again.

Even the Roomba knows better.

Kids never, ever clean their room—especially teens. They are always leaving their messes everywhere they go. They leave dirty laundry on the floor, never make their bed, and they have empty water bottles everywhere. Even a Roomba is scared of that place.

A jacket? How dare you!

This mom hits the nail on the head here when she let everyone know the real problem—kids never want to wear appropriate weather clothing. If you tell them to wear a jacket, they have a problem. If you tell them to wear pants, they have a problem. Everything is a problem.

What a comedy.

The audacity of a teenager to tell a mother to "put something back when they are done using it" is comical, because we all know that kids never put anything back when they are done using it. It seems like kids these days are hypocrites.

Boom! Roasted.

Parents Roasting Kids
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If I were to frame a parent roast to laugh at it for years to come—clearly, this is the one. This mom trolled her son beyond belief to the point where he wants to delete his Twitter. He's "not famous," so, why does he "tweet like he is." Burnt to a crisp.

Tips and tricks.

If your teen is constantly hiding in their bedroom and never coming out to speak to you, all you need to do is change the WiFi or the Netflix password. Before you know it, they will burst out in a rage and wonder what is going on.

Dad is a savage.

Parent roasting kids
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When kids are grounded, the one thing they want the most is their phone to complain to their friends about how boring their life is because they're stuck at home. This dad leveled up and took his daughter's phone, then sent her a "text" under her door. Hilarious.

Damn, mom, dragged her.

Parents Roasting Kids
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There's nothing quite like your mom telling you that your boobs are way too small to fit into a cute bralette that you want to buy. It may hurt worse than a guy telling you that you're flatchested. Ouch.

Thanks for nothing.

This daughter showcased the ultimate heartbreak by not even texting back "I miss you too," or "thank you," but instead accidentally texting back her mom with a "yes." Clearly, the 14 hours of labor wasn't worth much.

Fed up with the lingo.

Parents Roasting Kids
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Savannah's mom seems to be totally done with the Gen-Z lingo and language they continuously use. Saying everything is a "whole ass" anything seems to make her seem pretty dumb, because everything is a "whole" thing.

Just ate the entire house, but no problem here.

Teens will eat you out of a house and a home but still complain that there is absolutely no food left in the house at all, ever. Clearly, teens are dramatizing everything and then some.

Teens are difficult, like toddlers.

Toddler years seem pretty hard while you are in them, but then when they become teens, things get even worse. They barely talk to you and things cost way more money. Not to mention, they never shower. Ever. They stink.

Embarrass them every single second of every single day.

Eventually, your kids are going to meet new friends that you may not know. So, if you have some embarrassing dance moves, you can break them out and you can show them off to everyone. Bust a move for your new friends.

It's mayhem.

Prepare for an entire spectrum of emotions when your kid finds out they have to leave for school with only 10% battery. How will they Snapchat their entire life to their friends in the other classroom?

Nothing. Nothing will.

The most descriptive thing to smell is right here—but any parent with a teen knows that this smell is lingering around your entire home. The teen smell sticks to everything and it doesn't go away.