11+ Dads Who Found Hilarious Solutions To Parenting Problems

While moms are usually the heart of the family and masters at multitasking, dads, on the other hand, are the handymen and problem solvers. So it's no surprise to see dads perform well under pressure and come up with the most interesting solutions to everyday problems.

These dads are no different. Check out all the clever ways they jumped into action.

1. When You Gotta Be Safe At All Costs

You can BBQ and watch your kids at the same time when you come up with a solution like this.

2. When You Need To Stay Hydrated

But you definitely don't want to wake the baby up. What's the solution? Just get a twisty straw and go for it.

3. When You Need Hot Coffee ASAP

When you need your cup of java, think fast on your feel like this dad did. Just use the bottle warmer and you're good to go.

4. When You're Desperate For A Nap

Don't let the kid get in the way of you catching some much-needed Zzzs, hee, hee, hee. This seems to do the trick.

5. When You Gotta Think Quick

Talking about being prepared when it comes to providing a warm meal for your kid. This dad's solution is priceless. Don't ya think?

6. When You Need Some Help

Speaking of meals, this dad needed to put the chill in his kid's chili so they wouldn't burn their mouth. Cue the hairdryer!

7. When You Gift Shop Like A Boss

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If you ran into your dad doing this at Hollister would you be embarrassed? Ha, ha! Hey, at least he's prepared.

8. When You're Stuck Doing Your Kid's Hair

Usually that would be a super intimidating situation for most dads but not for this one. Chip clip to the rescue. LOL!

9. When You Need To Keep The Kids Entertained

This dad invented a pretty nifty solution to keeping the kids occupied in the car watching funny videos. Good going, man!

10. When You Gotta Cover Your Butt

This dad came up with a quick-thinking solution for this ripped jeans situation. It doesn't look good, but it works.

11. When You Gotta Use What You've Got

Clearly, this poor dad couldn't find a brush to save his life, so he used the next best thing. That's hilarious.

12. When You Gotta Multitask

Who wants to wait to give their kids a bath and defrost bacon when you can do both at the same time? LOL! True.

13. When Dad Needs To Get Stuff Done

So your wife left you to watch the kids while she's shopping and you still need to get s**t done? No problem.

Aren't dads the best?

They sure are. No matter what gets thrown at them they always seem to come up with some kind of clever solution. Good on them!

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