13+ Funny Parents Who Have This Whole Parenting Thing On Lock

The funniest thing about being a parent is that no matter where you live, you go through the same things as other parents. Raising kids these days brings about the same stresses and anxieties — and jokes.

The glory of alone time.


Wow, so powerful.

Love a kid with an imagination.

So relatable.

Literally, every single time.


Ignore game too strong.

My favorite album.

Mom's greatest hits.

Never let them shop unsupervised.

Kid is my idol.

We're all figuring it out.

It's a process.

Definitely not.

All the way across the room.

Kids love to lick germy everything.

Seriously, the worst.


Never let them see the tampons.

We can never win.

Not that I asked, or anything.


But, I definitely don't want to bathe her now.

Take him!

Better them than me.

He's winning.

Teach them well.

All they do is mess things up.

And, they never clean.

The Elmo Scarecrow

Sometimes parenting forces you to get creative.

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