15 Important Things To Teach Our Daughters

Lex Gabrielle
mom and daughter
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Having a child means that you are the first person who is going to be a teacher to them. You are the person who is solely responsible for teaching them about the world, kindness, love, and what it means to be a good person.

Sometimes, in life, we undergo things that we wish our own parents had taught us way sooner. And, as a parent, we get that opportunity to instill that in our own children. For girl moms and dads, there are some lessons that just need to be taught straight away.

Boys aren't mean because they like you.

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DotSoberLeaf shared that we need to tell our daughters at a young age that the boy who picks on you on the playground doesn't "have a crush on you." In fact, he's being rude to just be rude. Telling our daughters this lets them think that violence and cruelness are synonymous with love and affection, and can set them up for abuse later on in life.

Put you first.

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CatrionaShadowleaf said to teach young girls that "you are the only one who has your best interest at heart." No one else is going to want what is best for you besides, well, you. Treat yourself right.

Other people do not complete you.

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Relative_Dimensions said young girls should know that they are more than enough on their own. You do not need a man, a partner, or kids to make you feel complete and whole. You are whole on your own.

Focus on independence.

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"Focus on becoming independent and self-sufficient. Make a life for yourself with a good job, a home, friends, and hobbies. Learn to manage your money so you can always take care of yourself," shared Reddit user CloudHidden2022.

Don't give too many chances.

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sachette-dreseag shared that it's important to know not to give too many chances to the wrong person. So often, we try to give people more time and more effort just because we want them to change.

Trust your gut.

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minlila391 said that the little voice in our head that is warning us against something or someone usually is there for a good reason. Listen to your gut and your heart because they are looking out for you.

Don't change for someone who thinks you are too much.

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"You're not 'overly sensitive.' You are tender and have feelings and those feelings deserve to be felt, acknowledged, and validated. If someone ever tells you that 'you're too much' tell them to 'go find less,'" shared Poop__y.

Consent is important.

saying no
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MJSP88 said despite whatever a man or woman wants, always make sure girls know that "no means no." No one has the right to your body unless you say yes and okay. And, to stand up for that rule.

Never, ever beg for love.

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GroundbreakingBet300 said that the last thing anyone should ever do is beg for love. Many people may make you feel like you are hard to love, but you should never let anyone make you feel you need to beg to be loved.

Always speak up for yourself.

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malisting said that it's important to teach girls to always use their voice and speak up for themselves. Do not let anyone make you feel like you are less than them and that you cannot speak up for yourself.

Be proud of your body.

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Jasperisadingus said to teach girls as they are growing up to be proud of their bodies and what they look like. As we get older in life, many women start to hate their bodies and what they look like.


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rjbarn shared that teaching girls self-defense is super important in today's day and age. While women may say no, not everyone understands the word "no." Teaching them to fight can help save them from danger at one point or another.

Your appearance is not everything.

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Automatic_Reserve608 shared that it's important to tell and teach girls that the way they look is not everything in life. They have way more to them than just their looks. They should always lead with their mind instead of their body/

It's okay to not be okay.

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a_wmn said everyone needs to know that it's okay to not be okay and that understanding your own mental health is important. Don't lie to make others feel comfortable or feel too ashamed to seek out help.

All about their period.

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MoonKnightPlzHurtMe shared that teaching girls very early on about periods and not to be ashamed or embarrassed by them is super important. All girls should know how their body works and what is to come for them.