Mom And Dad Spend Hours Taping Wall To Give Twin Daughters The Most Colorful Nursery Ever

Having a beautiful nursery is every mom's dream. Coming up with something out of the ordinary can be a challenge, but not if you're a creative type.

Have you ever thought of creating a unique space by doing it yourself? These parents did and they gave their twin daughters a gorgeous mosaic nursery that you just have to see.

This super cute DIY couple was expecting twin little girls and since they will be sharing a room they wanted to give them something truly special to enjoy.


What a great idea!

So, they came up with a mosaic wall pattern that you definitely don't see every day, especially in a baby's room.


Kudos to them for such awesome creativity.

It's actually a pretty easy DIY project anyone can take on themselves.


The hardest part was prepping the walls, painting them and the time it took to finish it.

All you really need to accomplish this project is a few simple, inexpensive supplies such as various colors of paint (they used 15), separate paintbrushes and painter's tape.


A budget-friendly idea, too!

The first step of setting up is to put tape on the walls in a pattern of your choosing so it creates a cool mosaic pattern.


Just use your creativity.

This couple decided to do a few different designs on the various walls.


They did the mosaic on one wall, a starburst on another and some pinwheels too.

Once it's all taped up you can decide which paint colors are going to be placed in each little taped area.


Again, you can be as creative as you like.

To do the actual painting you may need to enlist someone's help.

In this case, it was the husband that did most of the painting for obvious reasons.

Here's what the walls looked like after painting was done.


I love the color combination and I can't wait to see what it looks like once the tape comes off.

Now voilà, this is the final reveal.


I can't believe how fun this pattern looks like. I adore all the awesome colors and the white space between them.

I think it was such a great idea to break up the patterns and create a different one for each wall.


That really makes the space so much more visual.

I bet their little girls will absolutely adore growing up in this super colorful and fun room.


All these various shapes and colors will definitely spark some creativity.

Take a look at how this starburst pattern works so beautifully with the natural sunlight that comes into this room.


Was that a lucky break or what? Gorgeous.

Does this inspire you to take on your own painting DIY home project?

I have to say it gives me some more ideas for when I have my own house.