15 Funny Tweets About Dogs I Totally Get

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | James Barker

There are two types of people in this world—those who love dogs and those who are wrong. If you're not a dog person, I immediately do not trust you, as I'm not entirely sure what could possibly be wrong with dogs in your eyes. However, if you are a normal person, who loves dogs, these hilarious tweets will make you roll on the floor laughing like a good boy.

They're always a good boy.

We have told our dogs that they are good boys and girls enough times in a row that whenever we ask them "who's a good boy" they already know it's them. That smile is all too telling!

Splish splash!

Has anyone else wanted some "me time" and all of a sudden there was a quick splash—and before you know it, your dog is in the bath with you. They just want to spend time with us, even if they're soaking wet.

A modern-day love story.

There is nothing more adorable than two dogs who are smitten with each other. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and not too often do we find that dogs will get along. These two seem to be in love. And, it's super sweet.

The only reason to go to a party.

At any party, there is one place you can find me. I will always be on the floor near whatever dog is at the party. If you are inviting me over to your house, do not lock your dog up for any reason—ever.

99% of my day.

You can guarantee that no matter what is going on in my household, I am constantly trying to find out what my dog has taken from the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom. 9 out of 10 times, my socks are in their mouth.

Don't ever talk about my dog that way!

Sorry not sorry, but dog owners and dog people do not allow anyone to talk down on their pets in such a way. Dogs are never the a**hole, but just reacting to a**hole people in the world. Cats, on the other hand, well—they suck.

I just want to be in his head all day.

If you were to ask me what my one dream is, it's that I could be inside of my dog's head for at least a full day. I truly do wonder what my dog thinks when I am walking him, or petting him, or anything else I bother him with.

I have to make sure he's happy at home.

They say that if it's a "happy wife, it's a happy life," but in the long run, I truly feel like if my dog is happy, my household is a very happy and productive space. Even if it means I leave the TV on all day for him.

That's that guilty look.

If there was ever a face that should be the poster for "guilty look," it's this dog and her sad, sad eyes. There is something that is hiding in this household and it's bad. The face gives it away that it's worse than anything we can ever imagine.

Dogs > babies.

If I'm saying that someone is cute, I am not talking about your toddler or your baby. I am talking about the four-legged fur ball you are walking along next to the stroller.

Dogs will eat poop, but won't eat new dog food.

Why is it that dogs will lick dirt, eat vomit off of the ground, or even lick other dogs' urine off the street—however when it comes down to trying new food, they won't even look at it. They become picky overnight. Like Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen.

We love our dogs more than ourselves.

When it comes down to who is going to be carried and saved, we will always let our dogs hop in the bag or get on the wagon before we will do it for ourselves. Our dogs are everything, so they deserve the best.

A dog is a part of the family.

Everyone knows surely that a dog is a member of the family, even when you go on vacation. Clearly, the dog deserves to have a drawing made of him. Not just our kids—but also our pets!

Everything in the kitchen is "theirs."

You can open one cabinet in your kitchen and immediately, your dog is going to come running. The sound of anything opening means that there is going to be food coming soon. And, food coming soon means dogs get scraps.

Clearly, this is a valid reaction.

If I were a dog walker for a fairly and they decided that they did not need me anymore, I would absolutely beg to see them one last time. Dogs aren't just dogs to us. They are friends and family.