Buy Dogs Instead Of Real Estate In Dog-Opoly

Monopoly is such a classic board game, but I have to be honest, it can be such a pain. See, for someone who is the least competitive person ever at board games, it can really drag on and on and on, and just becomes less fun. And it's such a tease, anyways. It gives you a glimpse at being rich AF, and then at the end, you go back to living life and it's just such a bummer.

Anyways, I might be able to get back into the Monopoly spirit with Dog-Opoly.

Dog-Opoly exists, people.


Instead of owning real estate, you get to own a bunch of dogs, which is just so much better!

This game was made for dog lovers everywhere.


I love how they gave the classic squares a pup-date.

"Go Fetch!" replaces "Go," "Kennel"and "Just Sniffing" replaces "In Jail" and "Just Visiting," "Free Barking" replaces "Free Parking," and "Go To Kennel" of course replaces "Go To Jail."

I love it!

The object is to collect as many dogs as you can before your opponent does. This is a game that might bring the competitor out in me!

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You can also buy and trade dog houses for Big Bones, and some of the penalties include getting fleas or paying vet fees, which you know are expensive!

I'm sure this is a game that has people playing over and over again.

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Pick up your own for around $40 at Walmart or other retailers!

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