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Twitter Users Found Plenty Of Meme-Spiration In These Dogs In Matching Sweaters

Dogs in matching turtlenecks - that's what the internet should be about -- nothing else. A photo of two dogs dressed as such is grabbing viewers by storm.

Love Love Love

These turtleneck/sweater combos seem to fit the dogs like a glove. They're hilarious and clever at the same time.

Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

Twitter / @sindivanzyl

That avocado toast craze has officially jumped the shark.

It Would Be Great If They Were Thinking This

@curlycomedy and others channeled a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, echoing what's on everyone's mind.

The Dogs Are Us At Our Kids' Recital

But who's judging?

They're THIS Close To Lodging A Complaint

These are the most fashionable Christmas sweaters we can think of.

So Match-y It's Uncanny

The dogs are posing nearly identically -- they're almost like Stepford Sisters.

It's No Coincidence They're Wearing Royal Shades

Something about the sleek lines of the dogs' sweaters tells us these aren't your everyday canines.

The Third One Gets Short Shrift

We need to know who the third animal is in this photo. Some are under the impression he's the baby of the family, and not just a smaller-sized dog.

The Dogs Aren't Fazed In The Least

These dogs are intently watching something -- possibly a tennis ball that was just lobbed into the snow. They could probably care less what's on their backs. This is all for the humans' delight.

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