19 Fashion Crimes Women Do Not Regret At All

Sarah Kester
Clothes on rack
Unsplash | Alyssa Strohmann

Ever since Fashion Police ended, a lot of fashion crimes have gone remiss.

There are tons of criminals on the loose, dressed in socks with sandals, crocs, and the return of low-rise jeans. These are a few examples of fashion trends that were never appreciated during their time — until now.

Thanks to a viral thread on Reddit, women shared the so-called fashion crimes that they do not regret.

Wearing the clothing you want while being overweight

Plus-size woman in purple croptop
instagram | anaplusofficial

For far longer than necessary, society's thoughts on fashion have made women feel as though they have to be a size 0 to rock certain trends.

This includes crop tops, two-piece bathing suits, and more. This isn't the case at all. Wear whatever you want!


White Crocs
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"I have a pair of croc sandals. I originally bought them to be beach/water sandals. But over the years they turned into my house sandals. They are ridiculously comfy, and extremely useful when mopping the floors. Easy to wash off and clean too." - u/Alternative-Guest326

Bootcut jeans

Pile of jeans
Unsplash | Maude Frédérique Lavoie

Bootcut jeans, which flare out slightly at the ankle, have been the skinny jean's natural enemy. That's because they were tossed aside once skinny jeans came out. But a lot of people like how bootcut jeans balance out the size of their thighs.

Yoga pants while overweight

Woman in yoga pants
Unsplash | Jade Stephens

"I'm 20 pounds overweight and hating my body and jeans make me way more aware of how ugly and fat I feel, so I wear yoga pants almost every day now because at least they don't make me constantly aware of my stomach." - u/Toezap

Skinny jeans

Seinfeld trying to get Kramer's jeans off

Since fashion is a personal statement, some people prefer skinny jeans over bootcut or any other kind of jeans. And they will keep wearing them, long after the trend had died out, because they make you look, well, skinny.

Long socks with sandals

Socks with sandals
Unsplash | Jakob Owens

"Love socks and sandals! It's the best of both words. The freedom of sandals with the warmth of socks. (It also covers ugly feet if you are feeling self-conscience.)" - u/kitcatkid. Plus, it's hella comfortable and prevents blisters.

Not wearing matching socks

Unmatching socks
Unsplash | Mockup Graphics

This, plus tangled headphones, is basically a metaphor for our lives: we're not put together and that's okay!

Plus, if you wear bright socks that are mismatched, you have more colors on! Same goes for cute socks with different prints.

Wearing a dress with noticeable bra straps

Woman saying she's not sorry
Giphy | T. Kyle

"I have this super cute red/black dress but you can see my bra straps when I wear it, apparently that's off limits... I mean we can't know that grown women with considerable chest sizes would ever wear bras, the audacity....." - u/Agreeable_Hippo_7971

Wearing white after Labor Day

White clothes on rack
Unsplash | Dinh Ng.

Who came up with this rule, anyway? It's pretty dumb to outlaw a color during a certain time of the year. Besides, people get married all throughout the year. Are people supposed to wear black or white wedding dresses instead?

Wearing heels for some occasions despite being on the taller side

Woman wearing pink heels
Unsplash | Simona Todorova

"I'm 5'10" and if I want to rock my 5.5" chunky heel boots, I will even if some consider I'm 'too tall' to wear them." -u/MissInfer. Models do it, so why can't we?


Ugg boot in grass
instagram | Ugg

It's a real shame that people say that any kind of Ugg boots are ugly and only worn by basic people.

They are so comfortable! And warm! Plus, they go great with black leggings and a pumpkin-spiced latte on a fall day.

Long skirts and sneakers

Unsplash | Kati Hoehl

"I wear long skirts and sneakers in combination. I just hate fancy shoes, they get dirty anyways and who tf looks at a person's feet when judging their outfit?" -u/xLumiana.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City had to wear this combo after she was mugged? She hated it.

Wearing pajamas in public

Man wearing his pjs
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Society seems to believe that those who wear these are lazy.

The truth is that pjs are comfy! Getting dressed is a chore and some days you're lucky enough to get outside, let alone focus on what you're wearing.

Cutoff shorts with the pockets hanging low

Cutoff shorts with the pocket
Unsplash | Calvin Lupiya

"I made some cutoffs with the pockets hanging below the cut line? My mom says they look trashy. I don't know, I like the look and is my mom just old??" - u/JennyTheHammer

Layered tops

Joey saying "could i be wearing any more clothes"
Giphy | HBO Max

This was all the range in 2007! People would always layer a tank top underneath their regular shirts. While the trend died out, some are still keeping it alive. It can be a stylish look and it keeps you extra warm.

Mixing prints

printed shirts
Unsplash | jossie hu

"Wearing two different kinds of plaid, two different kinds of stripes, polka dots and plaid, polka dots and stripes." -u/Western-Result8780. People can hate on this all they want. When it's done well, it looks so good and so stylish.

Not subscribing to the notion of overdressing

Christine Quinn posing with her blonde hair flowing
instagram | Christine Quinn

Did Christine from Selling Sunset write this? Homegirl is always dressed to the nines, regardless of whether she's showing a home or meeting up with a friend. It's totally your prerogative to wear what you want!

Fanny packs

Fanny pack
Unsplash | Jose Luis Espindola

Many are wearing the cross-body version now.

"I'm so excited that fanny packs are back. As the kind of person who swings around and whacks some unsuspecting small child in the face with my purse, fanny packs are a blessing." - u/ilovecheesebread

Dresses over pants

Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana was pretty famous for this! Even though it;'s outdated, it's a good solution for when you can't find long blouses Plus, it's so nice to be able to bend over without worrying that you're flashing someone.