Stylist Shares Incredible Before-And-After Photos Of Clients' Hair Transformations

Isn't it true that when you look fantastic, it also boosts your self-confidence? There's something in the power of a transformation that really elevates the way a person feels afterward.

That's exactly what this talented Belarus-born celebrity stylist does for his clients. I've already shared Yevgeny Zhuk's magical makeovers before, but his recent before-and-after photos are not too shabby either.

Check out this lady's amazing transformation here.

Doesn't she look stunning in her final look? I think the second haircut did suit her face just fine, but this last look packs a real punch. Don't you think? I love the hair color choice, too.

Sometimes all you need is just a clean-up for your short style.

When the hair starts to grow out, you can lose that polished look. But once a talented hairstylist gets his hands on you, you'll be rocking in no time.

Check out this cool photo collage that shows you Zhuk's haircutting process.

I can see what he tried to do here, and I think he definitely accomplished it. This shorter style makes this lady look so much more polished and fun.

If you've ever tried highlights, you know what they can do for your overall look.

This lady's hair color looks a lot more natural and softer now. That's the power of a great stylist. They know exactly what will fit your facial features.

Speaking of choosing the right hair color for someone's skin, I think this is what Zhuk did here.

Although I did like this lady's darker hair, the lighter color brightens up her face that much more. What do you think?

I have to be honest, but I never liked myself with bangs.

I feel like sometimes that style doesn't suit everyone. I think it's the same case with this lady here. I like her new style much better now. What about you?

If you ever wanted to go blonde, this is how you should do it.

I absolutely love this lady's new hue. Her hair looks so healthy and shiny. You can see how happy she is with her new hairstyle in her smile.

Achieving the perfect pixie cut can be tricky.

But when you're in the right hands, anything is possible. What do you think of this makeover here? I love how this stunning hair color elevated her look.

Here's a perfect example of what the right haircut and hair color can do for a person.

I believe this hairstyle suits this pretty lady much better. The other color was too yellow for her complexion, no?

From long locks to a short 'do with just a few snips of the scissors.

That's how I would describe this beautiful woman's transformation here. I think this new style makes her look a lot more fresh while still looking young.

Oh my goodness, I'm really impressed with this awesome makeover here.

This lady's long hair was pretty but didn't do anything to elevate her look. Now she looks like she's ready to hit the ground running. Isn't this such a great transformation or what?

This pretty lady went from a girl next door to a supermodel.

Am I right? Wow, isn't this quite the different look or what? I bet she did a double-take once she looked in the mirror after this incredible makeover here.

Wow, I can't even believe this is even the same person here.

I had to do a double-take when I saw these before-and-after pictures. How Zhuk was able to change this lady's look here is an understatement. She looks so happy with her makeover, too.

This lady went from long, unimpressive locks to a "pow" kind of look here.

I think this hairstyle and the hair color suit her much better, huh? What do you think? I would love somebody to cut my hair like this.

I've got to tell you, frizzy hair is not my friend, lol.

But when you get the right haircut, all that can go away. I think this is a perfect example of a great little hairdo that says "fun" to me.

Oh my goodness, we're talking about a "wow" kind of transformation here, huh?

I can't get over how gorgeous this lady looks in her after picture. I bet her mind was blown once she saw herself in the mirror, too.

And speaking of hair color, is this not a huge change in someone's look or what?

Wow, this lady definitely wanted a brand new style, and that she received in droves. I can't believe it's the same person here. Am I right?

This transformation is proof that the right look can change everything.

The "after" photo looks incredible. That's more like it, huh? I think now this lady looks so fierce and beautiful with her new style.

If you ever thought about going blonde, you can use this transformation photo as your inspiration.

This lady's hair went from looking yellow and brassy to looking very sassy indeed. Look how much more shine her hair has here. I'm simply amazed.

Speaking of amazing, I think you can say the same of these before and after photos.

Looking at this awesome makeover makes me miss my red hair, ha, ha! This lady's hair now looks so healthy and chic. Doesn't it?

This beautiful lady already looked stunning in her before picture. Don't you agree?

But now, she looks like a TV anchor. I love how fresh her whole face looks here. And, this haircut is framing her face beautifully, too.

Here's another gorgeous before-and-after photo.

A talented hairstylist like Zhuk can create wonders with correct highlights. I've always wanted a great stylist to give me those too. I'm so jealous of how fabulous this lady looks here now.

Are you as impressed with this talented stylist's before-and-after pictures as I am?

I mean, some of these ladies look like different people entirely. Am I right? Which transformation is your favorite? I'm blown away with a least a few of them here.

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